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Yuri Hyuga

Yuri Hyuga is the main character of Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant. In Shadow Hearts his first name can be chosen by the player. His Japanese name is transliterated as Urmnaf Bort Hyuga according to the official guidebook. He is a Harmonixer – this means he is able to fuse into different monsters and use different abilities according to his form.

In Shadow Hearts
In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Yuri Hyuga Official Art Shadow Hearts
Yuri Hyuga Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Yuri Hyuga Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Yuri Hyuga 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant
Yuri Hyuga Shadow Hearts Character Profile
Yuri Hyuga Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Age24 (Shadow Hearts) 25 (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
WeaponBrass Knuckles
Special AbilityFusion
Voice ActorEric Stuart (Shadow Hearts, English)

Hiroki Takahashi (Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Japanese)

Joey Capps (Shadow Hearts: Covenant, English)

In Shadow Hearts

Yuri is the main character in Shadow Hearts, who the player controls directly for the majority of the game.

Yuri was born in Katsuragi, Japan, but raised on the continent (implied to be China) by his Japanese Father (Ben Hyuga) and Russian Mother (Anne Hyuga). His father‘s work required him to travel a lot, while Yuri stayed home and helped his mother.

Before the main story of Shadow Hearts, Yuri’s mother was killed and his father went missing. While Yuri was very young, his father was away on business and there was a large storm. On the night of the storm, some men came to Yuri’s house. He knew the the men as relatives of his friends – but they were acting possessed, and started changing into monsters. They attacked and killed Yuri’s mother. This caused a change to awaken within him as the power of Fusion awoke within him. He killed the men, but wasn’t able to save his mother.

In Shadow Hearts, Yuri is travelling in the hope of finding out exactly what happened to his father. He believes his power of Fusion to be a curse.

For several years, Yuri has heard a voice in his head. It instructs him to do things, but also keeps him out of harm’s way. He doesn’t know much about it.

He meets Alice on the Trans-Siberian Express where Albert Simon is trying to kidnap her. Yuri rescues her because a voice in his head told him to protect her.

Throughout the game, Yuri travels with Alice and the rest of the party, trying to protect her all the while, but without saying too much about his situation. The only character he properly confides in is Alice.

Yuri is constantly haunted by a figment of his imagination called Fox Face, who follows him and battles him if Yuri hasn’t been to the graveyard to clear his malice. Throughout the game, Yuri thinks that Fox Face represents his fears and doubts about his father Colonel Hyuga, although it is revealed much later in the game that Fox Face actually represents Yuri’s fears and doubts about himself.

During Yuri’s visits to the Graveyard, his body appears unconsious. He explains this by saying he had a lot of nightmares as a child.

During his visit to Zhoayang Village, Yuri is told by Zhuzhen that his power of Fusion was thought be a forbidden Japanese art that was lost long ago. This is also stated by Albert Simon in a conversation with Dehuai.

When the party travel to Shanghai on the Smuggler’s Boat, Yuri confides in Alice that if he ever loses control of his fusion ability, she must kill him.

During his time in Shanghai, it is revealed to Yuri by Zhuzhen and Mr. Zhen that his father died 15 years ago, whilst fighting Dehuai. Yuri gets angry that Zhuzhen had not told him this before and only agrees to continue opposing Dehuai because it might also shed light on what happened to Alice’s father.

When Alice is captured by Dehuai and taken to Kuihai Tower where Yuri goes to rescue her. Even so she is dying when he arrives, he is able to restore her to full health because of the voice in his head.

When Albert Simon performs the reverse Demon’s Date Invocation and summons the Seraphic Radiance, Yuri attempts to fuse with it. This leads the party to believe that he has died, as the Seraphic Radiance is supposed to be too powerful for any harmonixer to fuse with.

When Yuri fused with the Seraphic Radiance, his soul retreats deep within his mind in an attempt to preserve his sanity. However, as time goes on, Yuri begins to suffer from a deep depression and loses his will to live. Deep within his mind he awakens some of his darkest memories from when he was a child. He soon forgets the difference between reality and a memory and in the form of Death Emperor he flies far away from Asia and takes residence in Blue Castle – which awakens Keith Valentine from a 300 year slumber.

Keith manages to seal Yuri at the top of his tower and seeks to destroy him. A month after Yuri arrived (6 months after the events at Kuihai Tower), Keith enlists the help of Alice and Zhuzhen to exorcise Yuri. Alice and Zhuzhen try speaking to Yuri, but by this stage Yuri has almost lost his mind – he thinks they have come to kill his mother, and he attacks them.

After being severely weakened by them, Yuri once again retreats to the depths of his mind – this time, bringing Alice with him. Having this battle has caused him to think that he is hurting the people that he loves and by retreating into his mind he is trying to prevent that from happening. Because he hasn’t been able to obtain his father’s protection or his mother’s affection he is very close to committing suicide, and so begins to dig his own grave.

Soon, Alice arrives and tries to talk him out of doing what he is about to do. Yuri’s mind has become very warped by this point – he thinks he is a child again, helping his father in the fields, and treats Alice as if she were his mother. Fox Face soon appears and reveals to Alice that Yuri is worried that if he remains alive, the Seraphic Radiance will destroy the world, and all the other monsters he has fused with will destroy his soul. In fact, Yuri is very frightened of his Harmonixer powers – he cries “I don’t want to turn into a monster!” every time he fuses, and continually worries about going on a killing spree if he can’t control himself. He feels as if he is in his father’s shadow.

When Alice tries reasoning with Fox Face, Fox Face attacks her and Yuri rushes to her aid – he thinks that Fox Face is his father trying to attack his mother. Alice helps Yuri realise that Fox Face is a part of himself – Fox Face embodies his weakness, and that it is okay to have weakness. Yuri comes to believe that as long as he is alive, he can keep fighting to protect those that he loves. He battles Fox Face, causing the Fox Mask to fall from his face – and revealing that the face beneath is actually Yuri himself.

After accepting Fox Face as a part of himself, Yuri is able to wake up. He apologises to Keith for causing him trouble, and allows him to join the party. Together they journey to Prague to see if Margarete has returned. At the inn they find that she has left for Rouen. While chatting in the bar, one of the local girls – Yuria – leaves to go to the bathroom. After a time, Alice follows her to see if she is okay. After Alice is gone for a long time, Yuri decides to go to the women’s toilets to see what’s happened to Alice.

In the women’s toilets he finds Yuria unconsious, and Alice fighting Arcane Olga. Olga then disappears. The party agree to travel to Rouen by carriage.

When they arrive in rouen, Yuri shares a room with Zhuzhen and Keith. However, just as they arrive, Yuri suddenly finds himself in the Graveyard. Wanting to know why he was summoned he speaks to the Four Masks. They tell him they are surprised that he was able to stay alive and explain that Alice has sacrificed her soul for him. This means that fox Face will no longer chase after him when he accrues Malice, but they will hunt him instead. They claim that they are unstoppable.

Yuri awakens to the concern on Zhuzhen and Keith. He decides to find Alice. She is not in her room, but the innkeeper says she took a walk. Yuri is able to find Alice at the back of the church, knelt on the ground. She quickly stands and he deduces that this must be where her Father died.

Alice begins to tell Yuri the story of how her father died, but she is interrupted by the appearance of Albert Simon (who Yuri knows as “Roger Bacon”) and Arcane Olga. Simon congratulates Yuri on making his way out of the graveyard, and states that he is only here to let Yuri know that they are watching. However, Yuri insists that he wants a fight. Just as Olga is about to summon some monsters, Margarete jumps down from the church roof to assist Yuri and Alice in battle. After the battle, Simon declares they they have gotten stronger and they leave.

Yuri is then thoroughly inspected by Margarete to check that he is “the real deal”. She is hesitate to believe that he’s truly alive, but glad to find out that he is not a ghost. The three then return to the inn where Margarete tells them what she has learned about Roger Bacon, and Alice explains just how her father died – he was looking to meet someone, but Albert Simon (who the party still knows as “Roger Bacon”) was able to kill him first. Yuri and the rest of the party travel to the church to meet Father Doyle who was a friend of Alice’s Father – Father Doyle explains that the person Father Elliot was due to meet on that night was one Cardinal Albert Simon, and he is currently in London. As Father Doyle is about to tell more, he is killed by Arcane Olga. Yuri and the rest of the party fight her and she flees.

Yuri travels with the party to London where they meet the London Rats. Yuri is able to identify with Halley as he lived in similar circumstances during his childhood. He accompanies Halley to the orphanage when Chris, Joshua and Sharon get kidnapped. When Halley sees that Jack is going to use Chris in the ritual to bring his mother back to life, Halley gets angry and the room begins to shake. While this is happening, the Voice in yuri’s head begins to speak and tells Halley to calm down. It is at this point that the voice is identified as being that of Halley’s Mother, Koudelka.

After rescuing Chris, Yuri and Halley go to Calios Mental Hospital to rescue Koudelka. There he finally meets the voice in his head and she urges him to go to Wales and look after Halley. He and Halley return to London to discuss future plans.

Back in London, Halley has run off and it is Yuri who convinces him that he needs to be strong even though his mother has been kidnapped – crying will not help anything. Although Halley feels hurt by this, he is able to understand, and asks Yuri take him to Wales so they can find out why his mother is being used. Halley agrees to allow him to come along on their quest.

Yuri and Alice travel to Wales, after Alice has travelled back to Rouen to find that the man calling himself Roger Bacon was really Albert Simon. In Wales they meet the true Roger Bacon who leads them to Nemeton Monastery where Albert Simon is. When they find Albert Simon, he is making ready to summon Neam, a Float which will act as a beacon to summon A God from Outer Space to Earth. Once it arrives it will destroy humanity. Yuri, angry that Albert Simon would just try to destroy the world that Yuri’s Father had saved, attacks Albert Simon, but this only helps release more enough energy for the ritual.

The Float is summoned, however Yuri and Alice are able to rescue Koudelka who was being used as a part of the ritual. Yuri returns to Roger’s House to discuss a plan – what do they do now that the Float has been summoned? Roger explains that the God being summoned is not a God at all, but a giant alien from space – he encourages Yuri to think of how an ant would see a human, and this is what the alien would be like to them. Yuri finds it difficult to imagine, but insists there must be some way of stopping it. Roger explains that the best course of action would be to destroy the Float before it arrives. In order to to that they would have to use Roger’s newly created teleportation device to get them to the Float. Yuri agrees to allow Roger to find the exact co-ordinates of the Float so that the party can be transported there.

The party return to London to find Halley who is there with Koudelka. Yuri is amazed to realise that the voice in his head was actually a beautiful woman. Koudelka thanks him for rescuing her and reuniting her with Halley. He asks Koudelka why, when he heard her voice he was in so much pain. She explains to Yuri that it is because of his Harmonixer Blood – the monsters within him got frightened whenever they heard her voice and this resulted in him getting headaches. She tells him not to worry as he is protected by his Father’s Spirit. She wishes him and Alice luck in stopping Albert Simon from summoning the God from Outer Space.

Yuri and the party teleport to the Float, in an attempt to find Albert Simon. While exploring, Yuri triggers a trap and is stuck behind a barrier until a party member frees him. Yuri and the party make their way through the traps, maze and monsters until they finally find Albert Simon at the top of the Float.

Yuri asks why Albert Simon is doing this and gets the same answer as before – that he wants to rid the world of filth. They both agree that since they cannot agree, they are destined to battle each other. Albert Simon transforms into a monster, but Yuri’s party manage to defeat him. Albert Simon realises that if there are people like Yuri, strong and determined, within the world, there may still be hope for humanity. He teleports Yuri and the rest to the stratosphere to meet with God. As he is dying, Albert Simon’s soul is absorbed into Yuri’s along with Amon.

The Meta-God approaches earth, and Yuri is able to defeat it before it destroys the world. This destroys the Float, and the party are teleported back to earth. The next day, it as as if nothing ever happened.

Yuri agrees to travel with Alice to Switzerland, to visit her mother. However, on the train to Zurich, Alice goes to sleep in Yuri’s arms and does not awaken – consumed by the curse of the Four Masks.

Shadow Hearts Library Description

The main character as a young boy. He lived peacefully with his Russian mother and Japanese father, but one day his body began to change in abnormal ways… (child Yuri)

Boss Battle

Alice, Zhuzhen and Keith fight Yuri as a Boss in Blue Castle. See Death Emperor.

Alternate Ending

In the good ending of Shadow Hearts, Yuri is able to save Alice from the curse of the Four Masks, although it may not be Yuri himself that saves Alice – but Alice’s mental projection of him, as he has no recollection of this.

Before travelling to The Float, Alice falls asleep and dreams that the time has come for the Four Masks to take her soul. They send her through the door within the Graveyard that leads to the depths of Yuri’s soul – the evil within him. There lies Atman, the Executioner of Spirit Sacrifice. As Alice is speaking with Atman about the terms of the curse, Yuri is running through the Graveyard to save her. He is held up by the Four Masks, but manages to make it through the door. He argues with Atman because he thinks Atman has no right to take Alice’s soul. Atman laughs at him, stating that Yuri is breaking an ancient contract. Yuri, not caring does battle with Atman – where Atman will receive two souls rather than one if he loses.

Yuri manages to defeat Atman, who now has a permanent gravestone within the Graveyard. Yuri then takes Alice away from the Graveyard for the last time, and she wakes up – to find that the real Yuri has been watching her sleep, to make sure she was okay.

Return to Rouen with Margarete

Once the Float has arisen, if the player returns to Rouen Cathedral with both Yuri and Margarete in the party an optional scene will play. Margarete will bring Yuri to a confessional, and she will go into the confessional next to him. She tells Yuri a story of why she became involved in this journey – originally she became interested in using Yuri and Alice’s powers for her own advantage in the upcoming war. However, due to travelling with him for so long she came to realise that Yuri’s only goal was to keep Alice safe, and Margarete didn’t want to use them both like that. She confesses to Yuri that she has feelings for him and would love to continue travelling the world with him after everything is finished. However, she knows that he will be with Alice. She thanks him for listening and gives him her Pearl Ring.

Talking to Alice in Nemeton Monastery

Once the Float has arisen, if Yuri goes to the top of Nemeton Monastery with Alice and Zhuzhen, he will speak to Alice for a little while. He tells her about the night his mother died. He tells her that he thought his powers were evil and they would only destroy. However, he has been able to use his powers to protect Alice, and that must mean they are not all bad. He tells her that he will not let her die – and if she dies, so will he. Yuri comes to realise that he has feelings for Alice.

Meeting his Father in the Graveyard and Fusing with Seraphic Radiance

If Yuri returns to the Graveyard with Stone of Rebirth he is able to meet with his father, whose spirit has been living inside him since his death. Col. Hyuga offers Yuri the chance to fight him – in doing so, Yuri is able to absorb the soul of the Seraphic Radiance, which Col. Hyuga had absorbed to keep Yuri safe from its effects. Col. Hyuga tells Yuri that he is proud of him, and he is glad he was able to see how much he has grown.

In Shadow Hearts Covenant

After the events of Shadow Hearts, Yuri and Roger travel to hide the Émigré Manuscript deep within Nemeton Monastery. Once that task is complete Yuri meets Gepetto at Alice’s grave, which he digs himself. Together they travel to Domremy, a village which is under threat by the German Army. Together they grow close to Jeanne and her wolf, Blanca.

Together, they work to protect Domremy from the incoming soldiers. Yuri at some stage takes refuge in a church in Domremy which is attacked by the German Imperial Army, led by Lt. Karin Koenig. Yuri, in demon form, attacks the men, kills many of them and forces them to retreat.

Later that evening, he speaks to Gepetto, telling him that he is willing to die to protect Domremy – he feels that his life was given to by Alice, and he has no right to live it for himself. They discuss their future plans – the village isn’t safe, but where else can they go?

Soon, Domremy is attacked again, and this time Yuri is stabbed by Nicolai with an instrument known as “Holy Mistletoe”, causing him to pass out. He is brought to a nearby cave by Gepetto, along with Karin.

While unconscious, Yuri has a dream where he is unable to control his fusion form, and it kills Blanca and Jeanne. He awakens in the cave, and discovers that he is safe. Gepetto suggests they head to Paris, where he has an apartment. Gepetto equips the party with crest magic, but Yuri refuses – as he can use magic when fused. However, due to the curse of the Holy Mistletoe, Yuri is unable to fuse.

Travelling through Ardennes, monsters begin to attack the party, due to Yuri’s accrued Malice. They travel for a time before Yuri begins to feel exhausted, and collapses.

He awakens in the Graveyard. He finds it has changed, due to the curse of the Holy Mistletoe. He can no longer perform fusion, and the Graveyard was where he made his fusion pacts, so he explores hoping to find an answer. In the midst of the Graveyard, a tree is growing and out of that tree, a version of himself is growing.

Yuri finds several doors, and travel through one, finding a pedestal that represents a soul fusion. Touching it, he is able to charge it with the souls of monsters that he has defeated. From this he is able to use the power of fusion again.

However, during this time, the souls within him are getting restless, and a monster is formed from within him. This causes him to wake up, and together with Gepetto and Blanca, Yuri is able to defeat it.

After arriving in Gepetto’s apartment, Yuri takes a rest an finds himself in the Graveyard once more. This time, he finds Jeanne there, on her way to the afterlife, as she died. She tells him that she’s looking for something inside his heart, but she can’t tell him unless she finds it. She asks him if he’s scared of his journey, and that he might be alone forever. After being told he can’t avoid it, he wakes up.

Gepetto is looking through some books to try and find some information about the Holy Mistletoe. One book tells them that it is used by exorcists to help guide the soul. Yuri tells Gepetto that he doesn’t believe that his soul is being guided, but Gepetto thinks that Yuri is doomed. They begin to fight, and Karin appears, having changed into some new clothes. Yuri and Gepetto admire her, and getting slapped.

They try and decide on their next action. Yuri suggests going to meet Roger in Wales, as he may know about the Holy Mistletoe. Gepetto and Karin agree to come with him. Karin suggests going via Le Havre as it will have fewer soldiers than other ports in France.

to get to Le Havre they must travel using some old Subway tunnels. During this time, Yuri meets the Ring Soul who gives him some advice about his destiny. Later he meets Lenny who chases him on a mine cart but manages to get seperated by going on another track. This leads Yuri to meet Veronica who sends Two Pollux to attack the party. They are defeated and she disappears.

Upon arriving in Le Havre, Yuri attempts to get a boat to Southampton but is lacking the funds to travel. The men at the docks suggest that he joins the town’s vigilante squad as they are paying anyone who can capture a bandit who is terrorising the town. Yuri goes to the Mayor and asks to join the vigilante brigade. The Mayor agrees.

The night, Yuri and the party on on patrol of the town and encounter the bandit who is calling himself Grand Papillon. He has defeated several other members of the vigilantes, and challenges the party to battle. They manage to scare him off, however he turns into a golden bat to fly away. Yuri is convinced that they have met before.

The next morning, the Vigilantes lead the party to the local tavern, where Yuri sees Grand Papillon playing with some children. Yuri is asked to capture Grand Papillon in exchange for money to sail to Southampton. He agrees, even so he is dubious about the offer and is given half of the money now. The party enter the tavern with no intention of fighting Grand Papillon, but Yuri wishes to speak to him to discover what’s happening. He is introduced as Joachim Valentine and explains that he is not a bandit, but trying to protect the tavern from the mayor who is trying to take it over. Yuri and the others agree to leave Joachim alone and to return to the Mayor.

The mayor is not very happy with their turnabout and sends some thugs to attack the party. While the party is distracted, some other vigilantes capture two children that live in the town tavern. Yuri agrees to go with Joachim to rescue the children from the Wine Cellar where they have been taken.

In the Wine Cellar, Yuri discovers that the Mayor and the vigilante head were working with and betrayed by Veronica, who now has the children. Yuri and the party are able to derive Veronica off, rescue the children as well as the mayor and vigilante leader. In return, the Mayor gives the party passage out of Le Havre to Southampton. To Yuri’s surprise, Joachim insists on joining them.

In Southampton, Yuri meets Kato again. Kato has been promoted to special agent, and is travelling the world as a diplomat. They talk and Yuri tells Kato about the Holy Mistletoe, and about Sapientes Galdio who are following him. Kato promises to uri know if he hears anything. The most direct route to Wales is blocked by a landslide, so Yuri decides to travel through the Rhondda Mine to get there.

When he arrives in Wales, Yuri finds that Roger has been kidnapped by Sapientes Gladio. He confronts Lenny who was lying in wait. He manages to get Lenny to confess that Roger is being held in Florence. Yuri attmepts to leave but Lenny attacks him, however he is quickly defeated.

After Lenny leaves, Yuri is applauded by Thomas, a member of a secret society who has a vendetta against Sapientes Gladio. Thomas says that if Yuri wants more information, he should speak to Carla in Florence, as she was a member of Sapientes Gladio.

Yuri and the party travel to Florence and await Carla within a divination parlour. Yuri gets very distracted by one of the dancers, Lucia and has to be brought to his senses. He asks Carla for help but she refuses, unless he and Karin pay by working for her as dancers. Yuri begs for another way to pay and Carla says he can pay by gathering a flower from Manmariana Island and allows Lucia to accompany him.

After exploring Manmariana Island, Yuri travels to Sapientes Gladio‘s headquarters to try to find Roger as Carla has now given him their location. He discovers that Roger is not there, but a wall is blow up by a Sapientes Gladio airship and aboard are Nicolai and Lenny. Nicolai says that he will release Roger from his prison on St. Marguerite if Yuri brings him the Émigré Manuscript.

Yuri returns to Nemeton Monastery to travel to the hiding place of the Émigré Manuscript. It is heavily guarded by monsters, and dangerous spirits. The spirits of the dead call out to Karin, trying to convince her to join them, but Yuri slaps her back into reality and tells her not to listen to them. He promises after they finish their quest, he will travel with her to Munich. They then retrieve the Émigré Manuscript after defeating the Star Gazers and Grail Gazer that guard the tome.

When Yuri lays his hands on it, he is transported to the Graveyard. He sees a vision of the Émigré Manuscript and is reminded that it has the ability to bring back the dead. At which point he remembers Alice, and how she sacrificed herself for him. He is awoken by Karin who is worried, as he has passed out. He passes it off as hunger, and is determined ton continue to find Roger.

He travels to St. Marguerite Island to rescue Roger but ends up imprisoned himself. Veronica threatens to torture him or his friends, and eventually he is rescued from prison by Blanca. Yuri and the others travel through the fortress trying to rescue Roger, and when they eventualy find him, they are ambushed by Veronica, Lenny and his Clawed Admirals. Once they are defeated, Yuri and the others rescue Roger and return to Wales.

Roger shows Yuri his flying machine and takes the party to Petrograd as that is where the leader of Sapientes Gladio – Rasputin is. In Petrograd, Yuri and Karin find Anastasia who is being attacked by a monster. They rescue her and bring her back to Edgar. They learn that she is the Princess of Russia and also interested in stopping Rasputin. They decide to team up and go back to the palace. Empress Alexandra is against having Yuri in the palace, but Rasputin convinces her to allow them in the palace.

Later, there is a ball in the Palace, and Anastasia tells Yuri that she hates the balls, and is concerned that the people of Russia will revolt against her parents who appear to be doing nothing in turns of the war, according to the people. Yuri tells her that she should speak with her father if she is concerned about the future of Russia. While he is talking to her, a spell is cast over the palace. Rasputin kidnaps Alexei and challenges Yuri to come and find him. Yuri finds Alexei being held by Rasputin and Veronica in the Lion Shrine. He tries to do battle with Rasputin, but Rasputin is guarded by a strong force-field. He is then attacked when Rasputin uses the power of the Holy Mistletoe that is within Yuri. Yuri is forced to recall past event and this paralyses him. While Yuri is trying to regain motion, Rasputin casts a spell over Anastasia which causes her to hold a knife over Alexei as if to kill him. Empress Alexandra arrives to see the scene, and Rasputin lies to her to say that the strangers are the ones that cast the spell. Alexandra orders them to be killed, and they flee the palace.

In the safety of Edgar’s shop, Yuri and the rest decide they must leave Russia. Roger suggests travelling to Goreme Valley to find out more about Sapientes Gladio before attacking Rasputin.

In Goreme Valley, Yuri meets with Bishop Jovis wto find out if he knows any more about Rasputin. Jovis senses the soul of Amon within Yuri. He tells Yuri that using Amon is one of the only two ways to defeat Rasputin – as Rasptuin has made a soul pact with Asmodeus, a powerful demon. However, Amon is currently trapped because of the Holy Mistletoe curse.

Jovis suggests to Yuri a ritual that will allow him to travel to where Amon is within his mind and unleash his power. However, if the ritual is unsuccessful Yuri may go mad or die. Yuri agrees, and Karin insists on coming with him. The ritual brings Yuri to the Graveyard, where he meets Jeanne again. Jeanne is still searching for Yuri’s happiness. Yuri persists onwards in spite of the effects of the ritual making him feel unwell. This leads him to Mirror Castle.

Within mirror castle, Yuri encountered mirrored versions of himself and Karin. He battles them in order to make it through to where Amon is. He battles Amon and is then able to use his power in again.

Yuri travels past where Amon was waiting and finds an area that reminds him of Katsuragi. He meets Albert Simon there. He speaks to him about Rasputin, and how Simon’s reason for trying to summon Amon and Meta God to remake the world was to prevent Asmodeus from inflicting more pain upon it. He tells Yuri that he is the best person to now undertake this task.

Yuri returns to Goreme Valley, and Bishop Jovis has become ill. He blame himself, as if he hadn’t done seeken him out, he wouldn’t have performed the ritual and he wouldn’t have become ill. Karin attempts to comfort him by saying what they’re doing is for the good of the world. Yuri goes to see Jovis to tell him that they met Albert Simon and received the soul of Amon. Shortly afterward, Jovis dies and Yuri returns to Russia with Anastasia.

In Russia, Yuri briefly gets a message from Jeanne, telling him that receiving Amon’s soul caused a large change within his soul and he can fuse with stronger monsters if the right conditions are met.

Yuri travels through the a href=””>Gallery of the Dead. To progress, Anastasia helps teach Yuri Russian so he can understand the signs to helps them move through the area. This leads them to a secret part of the winter palace where Yuri is able to defend Tsar Nicholas II against an attack from Victor. Rasputin is revealed to be an enemy to Nicholas and he teleports away leaving Yuri to chase after him.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Library Description

Called “Godslayer” by the secret society, this anti-hero has the power of soul fusion. Defeated in Domremy and cursed by the mistletoe, he has sworn revenge.

Yuri’s Weapons

In both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri uses variations of brass knuckles as his weapon. Many of them have blades attached.

Yuri’s Weapons in Shadow Hearts

Weapon LevelKnucklesLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1Leather GlovesStarting KnucklesIDK640320
2Knuckle BladeFengtianThis handheld weapon has sharp blade affixed to it allowing for slashing as well. It is made of a powerful black steel and is easily carried1200600
3Steel ClawTemple RuinsA favoured weapon among Eastern assassins. Its unusually long blade and frightening appearance make it a weapon to be feared.28001400
4Hand NeedleKowloon FortressAn ancient weapon, the middle finger passes through a ring and it is clutched in the fist. When mastered it can be used to block an enemy’s sword.n/a2000
5Brass KnuckleEuropeThe dream of any rough and tumble brawler, they are made of hand-forged brass and can raise the user’s punching power immensely.n/a5000
6Silver TalonNemetonSilver Claws gripped between the fingers. Easy to use and accurate due to their light weight. An excellent weapon for the powerful fighter-type. Very valuable.160008000
8Nightbird ClawNemeton MonasteryThis weapon was said to have been used in ancient days by the god of war and that its wielder can summon the power of Ashura. Its true origin is a mystery.n/a25000
  • To obtain the Hand Needle, you must visit the optional level Kowloon Fortress. It is in a hidden chest in the room next to the operating theatre.
  • To obtain the Nightbird Claw you must speak to Roger after the Float has been raised and the party have visited it. He will ask Yuri to run on the treadmill to power the machine again. the player must completge 10 spins of the Judgment Ring to receive this weapon.
  • Yuri’s Weapons in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    Rusty Fang119640320Paris, Le Havre
    Stinger2218960480Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Florence
    Bear Claw33281440720Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
    Gauntlet474021601080Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
    Phantom Claw645532401620Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
    Hell Fang857448602430Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
    Tigerclaw1119872903645Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
    Tortoise Claw143128109405470Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
    Phoenix Fang18216582004100Inugami Village
    Chimera Claw209188N/AIDKCalls for the power of Tyr, Norse God of War. Capable of obliterating an entire planet. Fearful of its power, Roger hid it on the moon.IDK

    Yuri’s Equipment

    In both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Yuri has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

    Yuri’s Armour in Shadow Hearts

    Yuri’s Armour in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    Cotton Shirt99560280Yuri, Joachim, Gepetto, KurandoParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
    Leather Cloak1917840420Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery
    Chainmail Vest30261350675Yuri, Gepetto, JoachimWales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd
    Desert Cloak42381890945Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimCannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
    Plastron565230401520Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimGoreme Valley, Gallery of the Dead, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
    Combat Suit766842502125Yuri, Karin, JoachimPetrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
    Dandy’s Kimono999068303415Yuri, Blanca, Gepetto, Joachim, KurandoYokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Forest of Wind
    Kendo Armour12711895704785Oak kendo armour, washed in the blood of countless fallen enemies. Ghosts form an invisible shield against which a weak-willed adversary will quake in terror.Yuri, Karin, Joachim, KurandoImperial Capital, Forest of Wind, Inugami Village
    Power Suit156155N/AIDKAllInugami Village
    Ninja Gi160151153807690Multipurpose clothes derived from secret ninja arts handed down since the Heian period. Only ninja may wear them. The soft material can absorb blows.Yuri, Karin, Blanca, Joachim, KurandoInugami Village
    Bike Jacket176160N/AIDKYuri

    Unique Accessory: Yuri and Kurando both have the ability to wear the Flare Brooch which halves SP consumption during transformation.

    Yuri’s Fusions

    In both Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts: Covenant Yuri’s special ability is Fusion. Here is a list of his fusion monsters:

    Yuri’s Fusions in Shadow Hearts

    Raging TigerEarth1
    Mad BullEarth2
    Man DragonWater1
    Heaven’s FiendLight1
    Death EmperorDark1
    Seraphic RadianceNone3

    Yuri’s Fusions in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    2Neo AmonNon-Class
    3Dark SeraphimNon-Class



    Where’s my apology?

    What a waste of time.

    Stay out of my way.

    I just hate to lose.

    That was a pretty good warm-up!

    If that’s all they’ve got, no problem.

    I guess I don’t know my own strength.

    That wasn’t even a work-out.

    Is it over already?

    That was a piece of cake.

    In Battle

    (Using an item on party member) Here!

    (Defeating an enemy) There.