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Valentine Family

The Valentine family are a family of recurring characters in the Shadow Hearts games. There are three playable Valentines: a set of vampire siblings – Keith, Joachim and Hilda Valentine.

Valentine Family History

The Valentine Family is a long line of nobles who ruled over Bistritz from their family home in Blue Castle.

It is not clear how long the family ruled over Bistritz, but it can be estimated that it is at least 200 years and for at least 5 generations. The Valentine Family were always good and well liked by the people of Bistritz.

200-300 years before the beginning of Shadow Hearts, the last of the line died. However, they did not truely die but instead became vampires and either left the castle or fell into a sleep. It is not clear how the family became vampires or if they had always been vampires.

For generations, the Family passed down a magical demon sword – Demon Sword Tyrving – in case the world should come to ruin. If this was to occur, a member of the Valentine family would be nominated as a hero and allowed to wield the sword in battle.

During the events of Shadow Hearts, both Keith and Joachim Valentine awaken from a long sleep. Keith joins Yuri as a member of his party in Shadow Hearts. When the world is threatened with ending, Joachim is given the Demon Sword Tyrving which he then passes to Keith to wield.

Joachim leaves Blue Castle to live in Le Havre. During the events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Joachim joins Yuri’s party.

At some stage before the events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Hilda awakens and joins Johnny‘s party in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. At some stage before Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Grandfather Valentine awakens.

Members of the Valentine Family

  • Keith Valentine – Middle Valentine sibling. Playable character in Shadow Hearts
  • Joachim Valentine – Eldest Valentine sibling. Playable character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant
  • Hildegard “Hilda” Valentine – Youngest Valentine Sibling. Playable character in Shadow Hearts: From the New World
  • Black Bat – The Grandfather of the Valentine siblings.
  • Abel Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Edgar Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Frank Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Helen Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Leon Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Maria Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Robin Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Steven Valentine – Unknown family member
  • Origin and Trivia

    The Valentine Family are most likely a reference to vampire legends in Eastern Europe – specifically that of Dracula. Dracula was partially set in Bistrița – the inspiration for Bistritz, which the Valentine Family rule over. Grandfather Valentine may be a reference to Dracula himself.