Veronica Vera

Veronica is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant – a minor villain and a member of Sapientes Gladio. She acts as their magic warrior.
Veronica Vera Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Veronica Vera 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Veronica Vera Shadow Hearts Covenant
Voice ActorEnsaki MiMegumi (JP)

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Veronica is a member of Sapientes Gladio, whose speciality is magic. She meets Yuri and the rest of the party in the Paris subway. Together with Lenny, the party were led into a trap set by Veronica. Rather than fighting them herself, she summoned the twin demons Castor and Pollux. Yuri and company manage to defeat her demons, so she disppears.

Hearing a rumour of the Key of Solomon being hidden in Le Havre she uses The Mayor and his vigilante group to try and secure it. They kidnap Yuma and John to hold hostage in hopes that Granny Lot will give up the deed to the tavern (the location of the Key of Solomon) in exchange for them. They keep them hidden in the Wine Cellar.

Once the children are secured, Veronica betrays The Mayor, and Cole (the vigilante leader) and knocks them unconscious. Soon after this, Joachim Valentine arrives and battles Veronica one on one. Her magic is not enough to keep him at bay, so she summons Meursalt and disappears, as before.

Library Description

Magic warrior with the secret society, she uses her sex and her beauty as a weapon. She is an assassin of the highest calibre and has been ordered to kill Yuri.

Veronica Vera Boss Battle Strategy

Veronica is battled in the Wine Cellar, where you only use Joachim (in Grand Papillon form).

Before battle, increase Joachim’s Judgment Ring to have 5 hit areas, and equip with the best armour possible. Immediately after this there is a battle with Meursault, so keep that in mind when equipping Joachim.

Concentrate on using physical attacks, as his only Muscle Art will likely be Drain Touch, and Veronica is fairly strong against magic. You can top up Joachim’s HP with drain touch, but if he is quite hurt use stronger healing items. SP should not be a problem in this battle, but keep an eye on it.

Battle Quotes

(Using Magic) This is for you!

(Using Whip) Get away!


  • Veronica is a name meaning “she who brings victory”
  • Vera is a name meaning “faith”
  • The name “Veronica Vera” possibly comes from “Miss Veronica Vera”, an American cross dressing teacher in New York