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Tsar Nicholas II

Tsar Nicholass II is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is the Emperor of Russia, husband of Empress Alexandra, father of Prince Alexei and Princess Anastasia.



AgePresumably 47
Voice ActorIDK

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

During Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Tsar Nicholas II is on a tour of the Eastern war boarder. When he returns to Petrograd there is a ball held in his honour. However he is told by his wife that Anastasia has been taken, and Rasputin informs him it was a woman of German nobility that took him, and the Tsar suspects it is related to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.

In spite of his growing concern about Anastasia, Tsar Nicholas goes to the ball that is due to take place. As he is giving a speech, he is attacked by Victor. This attack is stopped by Yuri who has returned to Russia with Anastasia. Anastasia shows her father a photography she took of Victor plotting with Rasputin, and Tsar Nicholas attempts to turns against Rasputin. As he does that, Rasputin takes Empress Alexandra as a hostage while Veronica covers him so he can escape.

Library Description


  • Nicholas II is based on the real life Nicholas II of Russia