Thomas Edward Lawrence

Thomas Edward Lawrence AKA Thomas the Explorer is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is an explorer who has a vendetta against Sapientes Gladio. He meets Yuri several times during Shadow Hearts: Covenant.
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In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Thomas is an explorer who has been travelling the world. He saw Lenny Curtis kidnapping Roger Bacon (with whom Thomas is acquainted) from him home in Wales and recorded it on film. He is very knowledgable about Sapientes Gladio, but is searching to find their leader.

Thomas meets Yuri and the party in Nemeton Monastery, after watching them battle Lenny. He overhears that they need to find Roger who is being held in Florence by Sapientes Gladio. Thomas suggest that they seek Carla who may have information on the group, as she used to be a part of it.

Library Description

Mystery man who showed up suddenly in Wales. He says that he is fighting against the secret society, but has ulterior motives of some kind.


  • Thomas is based on TE Lawrence, who was also known as Lawrence of Arabia. He was an author and political diplomat.
  • In 1915 (when Shadow Hearts: Covenant was set), Thomas would be 27, however his official in-game age is 37.
  • In Japanese, Thomas is referred to as Lawrence or Edward Lawrence.