Sapientes Gladio

Sapientes Gladio is an antagonist group in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. They are a religious society interested in killing Yuri. They work alongside the German Army as a special task force. and have headquarters in Florence.

Notable Members

As Enemies

Throughout Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Sapientes Gladio are chasing the party and send many members to attack to attack the party.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Sapientes Gladio are responsible for a number of political killings throughout Europe, each in the style of medieval execution. They recruited a young dancer, Carla who left because of this kind of violence. They have been chasing her ever since.

Lenny is seen at the beginning of the game, kidnapping Roger Bacon from his home in Wales and bring him to Florence before eventually moving him to St. Marguerite prison via boat from Cannes to interrogate him about the Émigré Manuscript.

Later, Nicolai is commissioned by General Heimann to work alongside Karin Koenig to rid Domremy of Yuri, who is currently protecting it. Before going to Domremy, Nicolai and Karin journey to Apoina Tower to gather the Holy Mistletoe, a mystical exorcism tool.

They return to Domremy, flanked by German soldiers and find Yuri in the church. Nicolai manages to wound Yuri with the Holy Mistletoe, preventing him form using the power of fusion. However, Sapientes Gladio kill or kidnap some villagers, as well as the rest of Karin’s crew. Karin escapes to Ardennes Forest alongside Yuri, Gepetto and Blanca, but they are pursued by Lenny.

Sapientes Gladio follow the party back to Gepetto’s apartment in Paris where they attack them. The party escape, but Sapientes Gladio follow them to the subway – led by Lenny this time. Lenny’s job is to herd the party into a trap where Veronica awaits. Lenny;s party eventually catch up with Yuri’s party using mine carts, but Lenny manages to get separated onto another track. Regardless, Yuri’s party then meet with Veronica who summons two demons. Yuri’s party defeat them and she disappears.

Lenny continues to track Yuri to Roger’s home, but is defeated by Yuri in battle. He reports his failure to Nicolai who is unimpressed, but has also been having difficultly getting Roger to be cooperative. They decide to inform Yuri of his location in exchange for the Émigré manuscript. They do so by tracking the party to their Italian HQ, blowing a hole in the wall with their airship and telling them.

Origin and Trivia

  • Sapientes Gladio is based on conspiracy theories surrounding the Vatican and secret organisations such as the Knights Templar and the Illuminati
  • “Sapientes” is a Latin word meaning “wise”
  • The symbol of Sapientes Gladio is the Owl and Sword crest
  • Their motto is “Ducunt volentem fata, nolentem trahunt” which is a Latin phrase meaning “Fate leads the willing, and drags the unwilling”