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Prince Alexei

Prince Alexei is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is a Prince of Russia, the brother of Anastasia.

Voice ActorIDK
AgePresumably ~11

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Alexei is the son of Empress Alexandra and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. He was born with an illness, which lead Rasputin to be hired to look after him. One night, Alexei is captured by Rasputin, in order to lure Yuri to fight him.

While Alexei is captured, he is put to sleep and Veronica guards him. When Anastasia comes to his rescue, Rasputin outs her under a spell and Veronica puts a knife in her hand to make it looks like he is about to be killed by his sister. His mother arrives to find Anastasia standing over Alexei with a knife, and Rasputin tells her it was a spell cast by the party. She orders them to be found and killed.

Library Description

Next in line for the throne of Russia. Though born with a rare blood disease, he’s a bright and charming boy who is very close to his big sister.


  • Alexei is based on the real life Alexei Nikolaevich, who really did have a life debilitating blood disease, and was seen to by the real life Grigori Rasputin