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Nicolai Conrad

Nicolai (AKA Cardinal Nicholas Conrad) is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is temporarily playable, but later becomes an antagonist.

Nicolai Conrad Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art

nicolai conrad 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Nicolai Conrad Headshot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Special AbilityWhite Magic
Voice ActorKoyasu Takehito (JP)

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Nicolai, under the name Nicholas Conrad is summoned by General Heimann to rid Domremy of a Demon that destroyed several of Heimann’s men. Nicolai is given Lt. Karin Koenig as a guide.

Before travelling to Domremy, Nicolai requests that Karin accompany him to Apoina Tower in Vatican City, as he needs to find the Holy Mistletoe, a tool to exorcise demons with. They are able find it after defeating a demon guarding it.

Nicolai and Karin return to Domremy where the German Army have given them a guard against the demon. The villagers have all hidden and have set animated toys against them in a bid to stop them reaching the church, however this is not enough to stop Nicolai. He enters the church with Karin, and they discover that the demon is a man named Yuri who has the ability to turn into a demon. Nicolai uses the Holy Mistletoe to force Yuri into human form and set a curse upon him.

Nicolai spends a long time trying to get information about the Émigré Manuscript from Roger Bacon, but Roger refuses to divulge any information.

Later, Nicolai meets with Lenny to hear his progress report, but Lenny has had trouble capturing Yuri. As they are both having problems, they decide to tell Yuri to find the Émigré manuscuript for them, while holding Roger hostage at St. Marguerite Prison. The party arrive and are paraylsed by gas. Nicolai takes the Émigre Manuscript from Yuri and treats to his office to read it, before leaving St. Marguerite to deliver the Manuscript to Rasputin, although Nicolai disagrees with the practices discussed within.

Upon his return to Petrograd he has a meeting with Kato with whom he exchanges the Émigré Manuscript in order to guarantee Japan’s co-operative with Russia.

Nicolai then reports back to Rasputin, telling him that Japan has agreed to supply Russia with food and weapons for the war. He tells Rasputin everything he knows about the war, including the position of each country within the war. Rasputin is grateful for this information, but asks Nicolai about what happened to Lenny on St. Marguerite Island. Nicolai left St. Marguerite before Lenny did battle with Yuri, and fell from the island. Rasputin asks him why he didn’t stay, and Nicolai tells him he assumed that Lenny could handle it, but Rasptuin emphasises that he should have gone with him.

Library Description

“Disguised as a priest an exorcist, he was sent to investigate the demon of Domremy. He is actually a heretic whose charming smile hides his darker side.”

“Disguised as an exorcist from the Vatican, he is actually sent by a secret society to destroy the Domremy Demon. Cursed Yuri with the Mistletoe relic.”

Nicolai’s Weapons and Equipment

Nicolai is only playable at the beginning of the game, and only has one set of armour and one weapon.

Galahad’s Sword: “A Sword from the day’s of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. A consecrated, closed-guarded treasure. Only the chosen few may handle it.

Paladin’s Robe: “Formal, public attire for holy sages. Made of mere cloth, the blessings of generations of archbishops have imbued it with spiritual protection.

Nicolai’s White Magic

Nicolai uses White Magic in Battle. Here is a list of his spells.

Cure6Restores small amount of HP to one ally.
Blessed Light10Light Class. Special Damage. Circular: Small. 1 Hit (Downwards).

Battle Quotes

Using Magic

“Here it comes!”

“Give me power!”

Winning a Battle

“Pathetic Creatures.”

“May they receive God’s Mercy.”

“God grant them Mercy.”

“You thought you could face my sword.”

“They were foolish to face me in combat.”


  • Nicolai is a Russian or Slavic name meaning “Victory”. Similarly the name “Nicholas” means “Victory”.
  • Conrad is Germanic name meaning “Bold Counsel”.
  • In Japanese, Nicolai is occasionally referred to as “Nicole”.

In Other Games

Nicolai makes an appearance in Chaos Wars – a Tactical Role-Playing game for the Playstation 2.

Nicolai Chaos Wars

Nicolai in Chaos Wars