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Mayor Leonard

Mayor Leonard is a minor character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is the Mayor of Le Havre.


In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Mayor Leonard is the Mayor of Le Havre. He recently heard that the town’s tavern (Mouette de Mer) may be home to a treasure, and spoke with the owner, Granny Lot about her handing over the deed to the tavern. When she refused, he sent thugs to harass her. As this went on, his thugs began getting chased off by a masked man calling himself Grand Papillon. Mayor Leonard spreads a rumour that Grand Papillon is a bandit who will rob the people of Le Havre during the night. He then hired a group of vigilantes to help with the capture of Grand Papillon, but many were unsuccessful. He then hires Yuri, Karin, Gepetto and Blanca to join the vigilantes. They are the first people able to drive Grand Papillon away. Pleased with this, Mayor Leonard gives them a sum of money in agreement that he will double it if they agree to capture Grand Papillon. They agree, but later return to give the money back as they have found out the truth about Grand Papillon and Mayor Leonard’s motives. Mayor Leonard sends his thugs to attack the party, and also to kidnap two local children who Grand Papillon is friends with. He takes them to the Wine Cellar. However, he is stopped by Veronica who is also interested in the tavern’s treasure. He is then rescued by Joachim who drives Veronica off. Due to the party saving his life, the Mayor agrees to leave Granny Lot alone and gives them free passage to Southampton.

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