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Jovis Abraham

Jovis Abraham is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is the founder of Sapientes Gladio.



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In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Jovis was a priest of the Greek Orthodox Church and a missionary. He is blind, but is able to sense many things that other people cannot. Several centuries before Shadow Hearts: Covenant, he founded Sapientes Gladio, as he saw there was a lot of inequality in the world. This gained him friends from the common people, but enemies from high born people. He and Albert Simon were leaders within Sapientes Galdio and took on Grigori Rasputin as a disciple.

Jovis and Simon taught Rasputin about black magic, and about how to strengthen his magic power and will power. Rasputin took that power to make a soul pact with a demon – Asmodeus. This demon took over Rasputin’s soul and it had a goal of bringing as much pain as possible to the world. Albert Simon abandoned Jovis to attempt to deal with Rasputin in his own way by summoning the God of Wrath, Amon into his own body.

The British government were made aware of his disappearance in Istanbul and sent Thomas Edward Lawrence to attempt to find him. Lawrence manages to find him in Goreme Valley where the locals call him “Bishop Jovis” and treat him as a God.

Jovis is later approached by Yuri who wants to know about Rasptuin’s plot and how to stop him. Jovis identifies that Amon’s soul is within him, but it is suppressed by the Holy Mistletoe. Jovis devises a ritual for Yuri to be able to fuse with Amon again. He sends Yuri and Karin to the Mirror Castle within Yuri’s mind. Jovis was originally to accompany Yuri, but Karin insists on taking his place. Jovis still assists as a form of healer within the castle.

Conducting the ritual was a strain on Jovis, and this caused him to fall ill. However, after time he is able to awaken and Yuri tells him that they managed to get the soul of Amon and delivers news that Albert Simon is doing well residing within Yuri. Jovis’s finaly message to the party is that they must beware of the demon Astaroth and whoever his soul is bound it.

Library Description

Former Archbishop of the Eastern Orthodox church and founder of Sapientes Gladio. Disappointed in his ability to stop Rasputin, he went into seclusion.


  • The name Jovis relates to the planet Jupiter
  • The name Abraham means “father of many”.