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Joachim Valentine

Joachim Valentine Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art

Joachim Valentine Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant Grand Papillon Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant

joachim valentine 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

rand papillon 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant
AgeAround 400
Special AbilityMuscle Arts
Voice ActorTomohiro Nishimura (JP)

In Shadow Hearts

Joachim Valentine only appears in Shadow Hearts as “Golden Bat” – he is identified as Keith‘s brother, but is never named.

Prior to Shadow Hearts, Joachim had been asleep for several hundred years. During the events of Shadow Hearts, Keith was awakened by Yuri crashing into Blue Castle‘s tower. Due to this, and monster overrunning the Castle, Joachim awakens as well.

In Golden Bat form, he decides to fly across to Bistritz. He is spotted by Nina who sees him as a golden light in the sky.

Once The Float is raised, Joachim is contacted by his ancestors. They tell him the the world is about to be destroyed and that now is the time to confer Demon Sword Tyrving – a sword which been passed down each generation of the Valentine family – to the warrior representing the Valentine family. Joachim is given the task to deliver the sword to Keith, if Keith is strong enough.

Keith eventually comes back to Blue Castle, as Nina told him about the golden light in the sky. He finds Joachim waiting for him in the family crypt – in Golden Bat form. Keith shows concern that Joachim may not be able to transform back into his human form if he takes the form of a bat for too long. Joachim isn’t worried about this, and tells Keith that he has waiting here to deliver Demon Sword Tyrving to him. However, he can only allow him to wield it if he is strong enough to defeat him.

Joachim gives Keith Demon Sword Tyrving and 5 attempts to best him before he will attack him. If Keith is successful, he will allow him to keep the sword. If Keith is unsuccessful, he will kill him.

Shadow Hearts Boss Battle Strategy

To access the Golden Bat boss battle in Shadow Hearts, the player must wait until the Float has risen. Once this has occurred, if they go to Nina’s house with Keith in the party she will tell him about the golden light coming from the castle. At this point, go to the crypt in Blue Castle and the Golden Bat will be waiting outside the open coffin where he will challenge Keith to a Duel. Keith will be fighting Golden Bat alone.

Before approaching Golden Bat it is advised to equip Keith with any times that will reduce the speed or widen the hit area of the Judgment Ring such a Jade and Coral Lariats. Keith will be equipped with Demon Sword Tyrving which has a very narrow hit area and if he misses any hits it will be unlikely that the battle can be won as he only has five turns to defeat Golden Bat. It is also advised to wear an item to increase Keith’s attack as much as possible.

Once five turns are up, Golden Bat will attack Keith. If he hits, he will do 999 damage. It is possible to dodge his attacks, but not very likely.

Golden Bat Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
golden bat Shadow Hearts golden bat 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant
Games Shadow Hearts, Shadow Hearts:Covenant
LocationBlue Castle

The Golden Bat is the Bat form of Joachim Valentine and an optional boss in Shadow Hearts. He appears as a large gold-coloured bat.

Library Description

Golden bat rumoured to be the oldest brother of the other bats. He holds important information about the Demon Sword. His low blood pressure makes for miserable mornings.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Before the event of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Joachim was found in his bat form at the side of a road by Granny Lot. She took him back to her tavern in Le Havre and nursed him back to health. In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Joachim is living in Le Havre along with Granny Lot and two children, Yuma and John. At night, he dresses as his alter-ego: Grand Papillon in order to protect Granny Lot’s tavern from The Mayor who is trying to find some treasure hidden beneath the tavern.

Because of this, rumours are spread that Joachim is a bandit, terrorising the town at night and stealing from people. One night he is approached by Yuri, Karin, Gepetto and Blanca who have joined up with the vigilante bridgade whose mission is to stop or capture “the bandit”. They are too strong for him and he retreats in the form of a bat.

The next morning, while playing with Yuma and John, he is again approached by Yuri and the party. Joachim makes ready to fight, but Granny Lot appears and explains to Yuri’s party the real scenario. Understanding that Joachim is not a bandit, the party return the mayor to tell him that they are no longer interested in being a part of the vigilantes. While they are away the children are kidnapped and taken to the Wine Cellar. Joachim agrees to go with the party to get the children back.

As Yuma is in possession of his Grand Papillon mask, Joachim is unable to transform until he finds her. Within the Wine Cellar he finds her and John being held hostage by Veronica. Yuma throws Joachim his mask, and as Grand Papillon he is able to do battle with Veronica and drive her away. However, not before she summons a demon to hold the party back. This time, Joachim has the help of his fellow party members to defeat the creature.

Upon returning to Le Havre, Joachim informs Granny Lot and the party that he will be travelling with them from now on. He travels to Southampton, where he meets his wrestling teacher, the Great Gama.

Joachim continues to travel with the party in search of Roger Bacon who may know about Sapientes Gladio.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Grand Papillon Boss Battle Strategy

Joachim is fought as Grand Papillon in Le Havre. He is fought with Yuri, Karin, Gepetto and Blanca. Joachim primarily uses physical attacks, so equip anything that raises defense.

If possible, have Cornelia in her Windy Pixie dress, and use Gepetto for casting Air Cast, as Grand Papillon is Earth affinity. If anyone has the Gail Spin speel, they can use this, or cast Air Edge on Yuri to increase his damage output.

If all characters are healthy, attempt to combo. If any characters are at risk of losing HP, they can either heal themselves and allow the others to combo without them. Keep an eye on SP and HP. MP is less important in this battle, except for whoever is assigned to use “Cure”.

Grand Papillon Boss Battle Attacks

  1. Drain Touch
  2. Physical Attack Down

Library Description

“Trained as a pro wrestler, this vampire is devoted to justice and has dedicated himself to aiding the weak and defenseless of society.” – Joachim Valentine

“The bandit of Le Havre. He only harasses the vigilante group. He rampages all night long, and only comes home, like a child, when he gets hungry.” – Grand Papillon

“The bat form of Grand Papillon. Although Yuri has come across the bat before, he seems to have no memory of the meeting.” – Golden Bat

“When Joachim wants to relax or be alone or go on an errand, he often transforms into his Golden Bat form (which cannot perform Special Attacks)” – Golden Bat

Joachim’s Weapons in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Joachim uses bludgeons to attack enemies with. Here is a list of Joachim’s bludgeons. Joachim is unique in that he does not have to buy any of his weapons. Listed below is also where he can find them for free.

WeaponWhere to findP-ATKSP-ATKBuySellDescriptionWhere to buy
TimberFrom Start2416990495Rhonda Mine, Florence
LockerSouthampton, near wrestling ring1490745Rhonda Mine, Florence
Red MailboxNemeton Monsatery, near Roger’s493822301115Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Earthern PipeSt. Maguerite, near where Oscar fell665333401670St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Frozen TunaPetrograd, after Rasputin is expelled, near castle walls877250102505Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Giant PillarYokohama, Brick Warehouses1139675203760Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Emcee’s DeskNihonbashi, behind wrestling ring145126112805640Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Clay IdolInugami Village near Waterfall184163169208460Inugami Village
Dark TowerAfter Peach Bat Fight in Le Havre198174N/AIDKIDK
NautilusCannes beach, after sidequest212185N/AIDKA timeless vessel that continues it journey through the sea of the stars. A gentlemen’s agreement prevents its powerful weapons from being used.IDK

Joachim’s Armour in Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Below is a list of Joachim’s armour in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Cotton Shirt99560280Yuri, Joachim, Gepetto, KurandoParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
Cloak of Rags810540270Blanca, JoachimParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
Leather Cloak1917840420Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery
Chainmail Vest30261350675Yuri, Gepetto, JoachimWales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd
Desert Cloak42381890945Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimCannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Plastron565230401520Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimGoreme Valley, Gallery of the Dead, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Combat Suit766842502125Yuri, Karin, JoachimPetrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Dandy’s Kimono999068303415Yuri, Blanca, Gepetto, Joachim, KurandoYokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Forest of Wind
Kendo Armour12711895704785Oak kendo armour, washed in the blood of countless fallen enemies. Ghosts form an invisible shield against which a weak-willed adversary will quake in terror.Yuri, Karin, Joachim, KurandoImperial Capital, Forest of Wind, Inugami Village
Power Suit156155N/AIDKAllInugami Village
Ninja Gi160151153807690Multipurpose clothes derived from secret ninja arts handed down since the Heian period. Only ninja may wear them. The soft material can absorb blows.Yuri, Karin, Blanca, Joachim, KurandoInugami Village
Rose Bondage178158N/AIDKJoachim

Unique Accessories: Joachim has 3 unique accessories, each one has the ability to help him transform into one of his three alternate forms. The Prism Band increases his chances of becoming invisible. The Gold band increases his chances of turning into Gold Bat. The Electro band increases his chances of turning into Grand Papillon.

Joachim’s Special Abilities

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Joachim’s Special abilities are Muscle Arts (which he uses in battle) and Joachythms (a passive ability that affects his form and stats in battle).

Muscle ArtDescriptionMPNotes
Drain TouchNon-Class. Special Damage. Single.20Drains one enemies HP
Grand SlamNon-Class. Physical Damage. Single: 4 hits
Deathtron HammerNon-Class. Physical Damage. Single: 15 hits
Artem BusterEarth Class. Physical Damage. Circular: Large, 1 Hit. Anti-Ground

Battle Quotes


One! Two! Three! Go!

Justice is always victorious!

On next week’s Grand Papillon – The Face of Evil!

See! I’m terrific!

A true hero never loses!

Haha! You still think you can beat me!

Master! A man’s road is a hard one!

(As Gold Bat) I think I like this form the best!

(As Gold Bat) Dance like a bat! Sting like a bat!

(As Invisible) Too bad you can’t see how great I look!

(As Invisible) Look at my muscles! Oh right, haha! You can’t see them!

(As Grand Papillon) Next week’s episode! Grand Papillon goes shopping!

(As Grand Papillon) Grand Papillon! Champion of Truth and Justice!

(As Grand Papillon) Stay tuned for the further adventures of Grand Papillon!


(Using Grand Slam) Come on!

In Shadow Hearts: From The New World

Origin & Trivia

  • There is a species of Bat in South America known as the “Golden Bat”. There is also a Japanese superhero named “Ogen Bat” who is sometimes referred to as “The Golden Bat” – this may be some of the inspiration for Joachim’s “superhero” attitude.

  • In Shadow Hearts, Golden Bat does not have an assigned affinity, however, Joachim is Wind affinity like the other Valentine siblings.
  • Joachim claims to be good at dancing.
  • Joachim is type A blood. In Japanese culture this signifies a person who is earnest and sensible by may be obsessive.
  • In Other Games

    Joachim makes and appearance in Chaos Wars – a Tactical Role-Playing game for the Playstation 2.

    Joachim Valentine Chaos Wars

    Joachim in Chaos Wars