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Jeanne is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant who lived in Domremy and made friends with Blanca.

Jeanne Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art


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In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Jeanne is an 8-year old girl who lives in Domremy with her mother and Blanca. Her father died when she was 6, and since then she has been with Blanca. Jeanne meets Yuri and Gepetto when they travel to Domremy together. Jeanne refers to Gepetto as “grandpa”, and is concerned by his drinking habit. Although Yuri works to protect Domremy from the German Army for many months, Jeanne and the other villagers are captured by them.

Jeanne dies, and on her way to the afterlife she comes across the Graveyard of Yuri’s soul and acts as a kind of spiritual guide to him. She meets Yuri in the graveyard and tells him that she is looking for something and won’t be able to tell him what it is until she finds it. She asks Yuri if he’s afraid for his future, and of being alone. Regardless of how he feels, she lets him know that it is unavoidable.

Later, she reveals to Yuri that she has been looking for his happiness, but she is unable to find it. Yuri denies that he is unhappy, but Jeanne insists that he is not truly happy, not since Alice died. She tries to convince him to live, as Alice died so that he could live. Jeanne tells Yuri that she will continue to search.

Later, when Yuri brings Karin to the graveyard in an effort to release Amon, Jeanne speaks with both of them. Karin is apologetic about Domremy, but Jeanne knows that she too is struggling to find her place in this new world. She tells Yuri she is continuing to look for his happiness.

When Amon‘s soul re-enters the Graveyard, Jeanne senses a large change within Yuri’s soul and delivers a message to him to say that more powerful fusion monsters may be possible to unleash.

Library Description

Girl from Domremy and Blanca’s owner. Although killed by the society, she appears in Yuri’s heart and becomes his guide to his own soul.


Jeanne may be a reference to Joan of Arc (in French: Jeanne d’Arc) as they share the same first name and both come from Domremy.