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Henri is a wolf that Blanca can fight in a wolf bout in Sapientes Gladio’s Italian HQ. He is a man who was transfigured into a wolf, and can speak like a human as well as to Blanca.
enri 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant
Henri Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationSG Italian HQ
Age91 years
BornSouthern France
Special AbilityReverse Ring

How to find Henri Wolf Bout

Henri is found in the boss room in the Sapientes Gladio Headquarter. There is a save point before the room.

Wolf Bout Guide: How to Defeat Henri

Equip Blanca with a pocket watch to prevent Reverse Ring. Save before engaging him. Use Soul Comet, but keep an eye on Blanca’s HP and SP. Heal if they are getting low.

Library Description

Mild-Mannered old man in a wolf’s body.
An old man turned into a wolf by a spell. Called “the Old Tiger” for his sharp reflexes, which belie his age of more than ninety human years old.


  • Henri is a French name meaning “rules his household”.