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Grigori Rasputin

Rasputin is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is the leader of Sapientes Gladio whose goal is to take over Russia.

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In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Grigori Rasputin is a monk from Siberia. He joined Sapientes Gladio as a youth as disciple to Jovis Abraham and Albert Simon. He learned dark magic and strength of willpower from them which allowed him to fuse his soul with Asmodeus. Asmodeus is a strong demon whose desire is to make the world suffer. Eventually Rasptuin became the leader of Sapientes Gladio. He changed their desire for equality in the world to become an elitist society. Rasputin came to the Winter Palace in Petrograd as a healer for the Tsar Nicholas II‘s son Prince Alexei. This way he was able to get close to the Russian Royal Family, and found them easy to manipulate. Rasputin and Sapientes Gladio plan to execute the Tsar at his war victory celebrations, but the plan becomes known to the Tsar’s daughter Princess Anastasia. Rasputin tries to have her killed but she is rescued by Yuri and Karin and he turns his attention to this party.

That night, he kidnaps Alexei and drugs the palace with a sleeping spell devised by Veronica. He brings a sleeping Alexei to the Lion Shrine, and once there, he controls Empress Alexandra’s body remotely, to deliver this news to Yuri, who he challenges to a battle. When Yuri arrives, he explains that his ultimate plan is to conquer Russia, Europe and then the world. His plan is to kill the Russian Royal family (at least Alexei and Anastasia) to incite anger into the general public, and start a revolution. The party get angry with his threats against Anastasia, and attempt to attack him, but he has a strong force field. He is also able to control the Holy Mistletoe that is within Yuri, to bring back painful memories and leave him unable to move.

Once Yuri is unconscious and the other party members unable to attack Rasputin, he puts a spell upon Anastasia that causes her to wield Veronica’s knife against Alexei. At this moment, Empress Alexandra arrives in the room to see Anastasia standing over Alexei while holding a knife. Rasputin appears to undo the spell and tells the Empress that it was the strangers’ magic that took control over Anastasia. Empress Alexandra orders them to be killed.

Library Description

Mad monk originally from Siberia, he has used his magic to gain influence inside the Russian royal family. His ultimate goal is to conquer all of Europe.


  • Rasputin is based on the real Grigori Rasputin, who was close to the Russian Royal family but was assassinated due to his powerful influence over the Tsarina
  • Rasputin is shown to be in a relationship with Veronica