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Great Gama

The Great Gama is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant who is Joachim‘s Wrestling teacher.

Great Gama Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art

Great Gama Shadow Hearts Covenant

Great Gama Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The Great Gama is a travelling wrestling teacher, who teaches wrestling all around the world. He has been teaching Joachim Wrestling and they meet again in Southampton, where he has set up a wrestling ring.

Library Description

Legendary Pro-Wrestler from India and also Joachim’s mentor. He sets up wrestling rings everywhere in the hope of promoting the sport. He loves curry.

Wrapped in a dense layer of fat and msucle, this legendary wrestler was also Joachim’s mentor. His flamboyance has caused a surge in the sport’s popularity.


The Great Gama is based on real life Indian wrestler, Ghulam Muhammad (ring name: Gama Pehalwan). He was undefeated in wrestling for 50 years.

Great Gama Boss Fight (Southampton)

When in Southampton for the first time, Joachim must fight the Great Gama. Because Great Gama will throw Joachim out of the ring in three rounds, Joachim must be equipped with a Leonardo’s Bear to defeat him. Defeating the Great Gama allows Joachim to learn Grand Slam.

In Other Games

The Great Gama makes an appearance in Chaos Wars – a Tactical Role-Playing game for the Playstation 2.

Great Gama Chaos Wars

The Great Gama in Chaos Wars