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Granny Lot

Granny Lot is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, who owns the Tavern in Le Havre
Granny Lot 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Granny Lot Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Granny Lot has been living and working at the tavern in Le Havre for the past 30 years. Before the events of the game, Granny Lot found a golden bat dying on the roadside. She took it home and nursed it back to health, where it eventually transformed into Joachim Valentine. Together they lived in the tavern alongside orphans Yuma and John. Granny Lot treats them all as family. A few months before the events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the owner of the Mouette de Mer Tavern in Le Havre died and passed the deed to Granny Lot. He told her that the tavern held a treasure, however this was the first she had ever heard of it. The rumour of the treasure spread throughout the town, eventually reaching Mayor Leonard‘s ears. He asks Granny Lot to give up the deed to the tavern, but she refuses. Eventually he threatens her and attempts to take the deed by force via the use of his Thugs. Because of this, Joachim takes on the guise of “Grand Papillon”, a defender of justice who protects the tavern from threats. Granny Lot is very grateful to him. However one day, when Joachim is taken off guard, the thugs kidnap Yuma and John, taking them to the Wine Cellar. While Joachim attempts to rescue the children, Granny Lot decides to search for the treasure under the tavern and finds an old book called “The Key of Solomon”. When the children are safely returned, the Mayor promises to leave Granny Lot alone. Joachim tells her that he is going to leave and travel with Yuri. As a reward, Granny Lot gives the party the Key of Solomon, as she has no use for it.

Library Description

Owner of the Sea Gull, Le Havre’s tavern. Since she took over the tavern, she has lived there with two orphaned children.


  • Granny Lot may be compared to Granny Mayor from Shadow Hearts. Both are well respected within their towns and are associated with two children. However, Granny Mayor was responsible for the town’s collapse. A more respectable figure to compare Granny Lot to may be Sea Mother who was admired by the town she lived in.