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Gepetto is a playable character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is a puppeteer who has been travelling with Yuri since the death of Alice. He is always with his marionette, Cornelia.
Gepetto Hearts Covenant Official Art
Gepetto 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Gepetto Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Special AbilityMarionette
AffinityChanges, depending on Cornelia’s costume
Voice ActorHiroshi Ito (JP)

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Before the events of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Gepetto was a famous puppeteer in Paris, with his own theatre – the Vosges Theatre. However he quit the theatre after his wife and daughter died.His wife’s sister was Alice’s mother, and Gepetto considered Alice to be like a daughter to him. He

Gepetto meets Yuri after the death of his niece, Alice. They travel together to Domremy and become close to some of the villagers, including Jeanne, who calls Gepetto “grandpa” and is concerned about his drinking habit – which he calls his only joy in life. While with Yuri, Gepetto learns a little about fusion.

Gepetto helps protect the town from the German Army with the help of Yuri and Blanca. However, eventually the German Army wounds Yuri with Holy Mistletoe, and Gepetto is forced to retreat with both Blanca and Karin to a cave outside of Ardennes Forest.

Gepetto suggests to the other members that they cannot return to Domremy – as all of the townspeople have been taken prisoner by the German Army. He says that they should come to his flat in Paris and decide on a plan of action from there. Equipping the party with crests, they then make their way to Paris. While travelling, Yuri collapses, so Gepetto builds a fire and waits for him to recover. He speaks with Karin, to reassure her that Yuri is indeed human. While asleep, a monster awakens from within Yuri, and Gepetto defeats it with the help of Blanca and a now-awake Yuri. They then continue to Paris.

In Paris, Gepetto provides Karin with some of his daughter’s old clothes. While Karin changes, he tries to find any information about Sapientes Gladio, but is only able to find a small piece about the Holy Mistletoe. He tells Yuri that it is a tool for guiding lost souls, and he isn’t sure what effect it might have on Yuri. After Karin is changed, Gepetto agrees with Yuri to travel to Nemeton Monastery in Wales to meet Roger Bacon, a warlock who may know more. Karin asks to join them and Gepetto gives her one of his fencing swords from his university days.

The party agree to travel to Le Havre to try and find a boat across to the UK. They are chased out of Gepetto’s apartment by Clawed Soldiers and are forced to feel through some subway tunnels. Gepetto speaks to an old friend, Louis, a barman, to find out more information about how to get to Le Havre. Louis suggests travelling to find Dr. Gautier, who build some of the subway tunnels as Gepetto has met him before.

On his way to meet Dr. Gautier, Gepetto encounters Gerard and Pierre Magimel, old friends from his theatre days. They sold him his costumes and stage supplies. Gepetto is stopping by as his has ordered a dress for Cornelia from Pierre in exchange for a Stud Card.

In a nearby hotel, Gepetto meets with Dr. Gautier. Gautier directs that to a NorthWest tunnel, that leads toward Le Havre. He writes a letter to allow the party to travel through the subway, as he is a big fan of Gepetto’s.

Gepetto travels with the party to Le Havre. As they have no money for a boat to Southampton he joins the towns vigilante brigade with the rest of the party as there is a reward being offerd for the capture of a bandit.

Gepetto and the party encounter the bandit, who’s is calling himself “Grand Papillon”, but they manage to chase him off before he can do any more damage. The next morning, the party is asked by the Vigilantes to try and capture Grand Papillon, and are led to his hangout at the town tavern. They are given one half of their reward before undertaking the task. However, they see Grand Papillon playing with some children so are dubious about his being a bandit.

Gepetto and the party agree to speak with his, and find out he is Joachim Valentine and he is trying to protect the tavern from the Mayor and his vigilantes as they are trying to overthrow the owner and take the tacern for themselves. Gepetto suggests that they had better take the Mayor’s money back to him.

Gepetto returns the money to the mayor and explains that they won’t capture Grand Papillon for him. Unhappy, the mayor sends his thugs to attack the party and to capture the children that live at the tavern. Gepetto and the party, now including Joachim, go to the Wine Cellar to rescue them. In the wine cellar, Gepetto is able to detect that magic is being used – and he is correct, as it is due to the presence of Veronica. The party are able to drive Veronica off and rescue the children. As a reward, Granny Lot gives them the treasure of the tavern, a book. Gepetto recognises it as the Key of Solomon, an important magical text that will boost the crests they have used to cast magic.

In Southampton, Gepetto agrees to travel through the Rhondda Mine, as the roads to Cardiff have been blocked because of a landslide. He spends the night drinking at the bar with Karin.

Not finding Roger in Wales (although Gepetto is impressed with Roger’s house), Gepetto travels with the party to Florence to speak with Carla who may know his whereabouts. Carla refuses to help unless the party fetch a flower from Manmariana Island for her.

Gepetto continues to travel with the party to search for Roger Baco, who is being held on St. Marguerite Island. He knows the the best way to travel to St. Marguerite is via Cannes. He continues to travel with the party, and in Petrograd he sees Anastasia being attacked by a monster that he is able to identify as being summoned by a powerful warlock.

Library Description

A retired puppeteer who gained fame in the great theatres of Paris. He now travels the road with Yuri and his beloved puppet Cornelia.

Gepetto’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Gepetto uses Thread to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Gepetto’s Threads:

Puppet Thread911680340Paris, Le Havre
Silk Twine18221020510Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Florence
Kite String18221530765Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
Piano String384923001150Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Filament536634401720Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Copper Filament728751602580Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Silver Thread9611377503875Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Halo Thread126145116205810Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Rainbow Thread163184174308715Inugami Village
Crimson Thread186211N/AIDKLegend says this thread links the fate of a star-crossed couple. Said to make the owner’s deepest wishes a reality.Doll House

Gepetto’s Equipment

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Gepetto has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

Cotton Shirt99560280Yuri, Joachim, Gepetto, KurandoParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
Wool Coat1719900450Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, AnastasiaLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery
Chainmail Vest30261350675Yuri, Gepetto, JoachimWales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd
Long Robes374320301015Karin, Lucia, Anastasia, GepettoCannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Blue Cape505828401420A cape dyed with the indigo petals of the aizenka. A favourite of female adventurers, it cloaks the body and offers steadfast protection from injury.Karin, Blanca, Lucia, Anastasia, GepettoGoreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Baptism Stole697545602280Blanca, Gepetto, AnastasiaPetrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Dandy’s Kimono999068303415Yuri, Blanca, Gepetto, Joachim, KurandoYokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Forest of Wind
Ascetic’s Stole120125102505125Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, AnastasiaImperial Capital, Forest of Wind, Inugami Village
Power Suit156155N/AIDKAllInugami Village
Fountain Robe150161143507175Karin, Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, Anastasia
Puppeteer’s Cape158178N/AIDKGepetto

Unique Accessory: Silver Chair. When equipped, all allies will protect Gepetto.

Gepetto’s Special Ability

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant Gepetto’s special ability is Marionette, where he uses Cornelia to cast different elemental magics.

Earth CastEarth Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Aqua CastWater Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Heat CastFire Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Air CastWind Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Holy CastLight Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Dark CastDark Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit

Cornelia’s casting skills depend on the costume he has equipped.

CostumeAffinityMagics Improved
Poor SaintNon-ClassNone
Little MushroomEarthEarth
Sassy SailorWaterWater
Fire DancerFireFire
Windy PixieWindWind
Angel of LightLightLight
Dark BeautyDarknessDarkness
Black QueenNon-ClassDark, Wind
BeastmasterNon-ClassFire, Earth
Blue VirginNon-ClassLight, Water

Cornelia’s Costumes can be obtained by finding Stud Cards and delivering them to Pierre Magimel.

Stud Card Locations

  1. Mr. Sommelier: Gepetto’s Apartment in Paris
  2. Mr. Detective: Bar in Southampton (2nd floor)
  3. Mr. Doctor: Behind and sign in Yokohama
  4. Mr. Matador: Betsy in Florence
  5. Mr. Swan: Soldier in Petrograd Castle
  6. Mr. Chef: Box Game in Wine Cellar
  7. Mr. Sax: Stage 4 of Initiate Solomon Trial
  8. Mr. Samurai: Man in bar in Cannes
  9. Mr. Pro Wrestler: Wrestling Quiz in Nihonbashi




See ya!

Using Magic

Here goes!




Using Marionette

One! Two! Three!

Using Items

(To Cornelia) But what will you use?


(To Cornelia) You were so good!

Don’t underestimate me because I’m old!

Ohoho! Yippee!

Y’see, we’re more than they can handle!

Ohoho! I haven’t lost a step!

Cornelia! Look at how strong you are!

We did it! We did it!

(To Cornelia) Ohoho! Good work! Good work!


  • Gepetto and Cornelia are heavily based on Gepetto and Pinocchio from Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio
  • The name “Gepetto” comes from the name “Giuseppe”, which is the Italian form of Joseph – meaning “he will add”
  • Gepetto once attended a university, and at some stage was a fencer.
  • The theatre that Gepetto used to own was called the Vosges Theatre. Vosges is the region in France that contains Domremy.
  • Gepetto is type AB blood. In Japanese culture this signifies a person who is rational and intelligent but may be two-faced.

In Other Games

Gepetto makes an appearance in Chaos Wars – a Tactical Role-Playing game for the Playstation 2.

Gepetto Chaos Wars

Gepetto in Chaos Wars