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Empress Alexandra Romanov

Empress Alexandra is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. She is the Empress of Russia, wife of Tsar Nicholas II, mother of Prince Alexei and Princess Anastasia.

AgePresumably 43
Voice ActorIDK

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Empress Alexandra lives in Petrograd with her family. Her son Alexei has a rare blood disease, and Rasputin was employed to treat his illness. From this, Rasputin came into Alexandra’s confidence and his influence over her grew.

When Anastasia runs away in the night and is attacked by monster, she comes back and tells her mother she was attacked by a dog and was rescued by Yuri. Alexandra thanks him but says he can’t be allowed in the palace any longer. However, Rasputin convinces her to allow Yuri to stay.

Later in the evening, Alexandra notices that Alexei is missing. She runs to Anastasia’s room, and attempts to tell her. She is then possessed by Rasputin and his voice speaks through her. When she awakens she runs to find her missing son. She finds him in the lion shrine, with Anastasia standing over him. Anastasia is holding a knife, poised to harm him, but Alexandra is unaware it is due a spell that Rasputin cast. Rasputin releases Anastasia from the spell and tells Alexandra that it was the stangers’ magic that caused Anastasia to turn against her brother. Alexandra orders the guards to have the party killed, but they escape too quickly.

When her husband, Tsar Nicholas, returns from his tour of the Eastern front, she tells him of the fate that has befallen Anastasia. However, they are still due to go to the ball that evening. As the Tsar makes a speech, he is attacked by Victor, but this attack is prevented by Yuri, who has returned with Anastasia. Anastasia is able to show photographic evidence that Rasputin has been conspiring with Victor. To ensure his escape, Rasputin takes Empress Alexandra hostage briefly.

Library Description

Empress of Russia and granddaughter of Queen Victoria of England. Although kindly by nature, her son’s long illness has left her sad and embittered.


  • Empress Alexandra is based on the real life Empress Alexandra Feodorovna