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Edgar is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is the royal watchmaker and a friend of Anastasia.

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In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Edgar is the Royal watchmaker. He is a friend of Anastasia, who encourages her to stay out of trouble. He made her a camera and her mystic egg weapons. He tells her to keep away from Rasputin and Prince Yusupov. She promises to be careful and leaves his shop.

As she is leaving, Kato comes in to have his watch repaired. Edgar speaks to him for some time about the state of affairs in Russia, and manages to replace his watch spring.

Later in the evening, Anastasia is brought back to Edgar’s shop by Yuri and Karin, as she has been attacked and pursued by Rasputin. Edgar is glad to see her safe, and explains to Yuri and Karin who she is. He agrees to allow Anastasia go with them to the palace.

He introduces the party to Empress Alexandra, but later they are chased away by Rasputin and run to Edgar’s shop. Officially, Anastasia has been kidnapped, so Edgar is taken for question and is tortured by Rasputin’s men until he is able to tell them that one of the party was a German noble.

Library Description

Trusted watchmaker to the royal family, he also makes special weapons and other items that Anastasia requests.
He secretly collects silver angels.


  • The eggs that Edgar manufacturers may be a reference to the Royal Faberge Eggs that were created for the Russian Royal Family in the days Anastasia was alive