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Cornelia is Gepetto‘s marionette that he controls as a weapon in battle. Her design is based on his deceased daughter. Cornelia’s ability in battle depends on the outfit that she wears. Her outfits are made by Pierre Magimel in exchange for Stud Cards.
Gepetto Hearts Covenant Official Art

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Before the beginning of the game, Cornelia was Gepetto’s daughter. Her and her mother both died. At some stage in his life, Gepetto recreated Cornelia as a doll, basing her appearance on the daughter he lost. Gepetto conducted puppet shows with Cornelia in his theatre, the Vosges Theatre, where they became very well known and famous throughout Paris.

Eventually Gepetto leaves Paris to travel with Yuri Hyuga. He stops using Cornelia for puppet shows and uses her as a tool from which to channel magic in order to defend himself from monsters. He briefly returns to Paris to pick up a dress he had commissions from Pierre Magimel for Cornelia to wear.

Cornelia’s Dresses and Battle Abilities

Below is the list of Cornelia’s

Earth CastEarth Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Aqua CastWater Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Heat CastFire Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Air CastWind Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Light CastLight Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit
Dark CastDarkness Class. Special Damage: Circular (Small). 1 Hit

Cornelia’s casting skills depend on the costume he has equipped.

CostumeAffinityMagics Improved
Poor SaintNon-ClassNone
Little MushroomEarthEarth
Sassy SailorWaterWater
Fire DancerFireFire
Windy PixieWindWind
Angel of LightLightLight
Dark BeautyDarknessDarkness
Black QueenNon-ClassDark, Wind
BeastmasterNon-ClassFire, Earth
Blue VirginNon-ClassLight, Water

Cornelia’s Costumes can be obtained by finding Stud Cards and delivering them to Pierre Magimel.

Stud Card Locations

  1. Mr. Sommelier: Gepetto’s Apartment in Paris
  2. Mr. Detective: Bar in Southampton (2nd floor)
  3. Mr. Doctor: Behind and sign in Yokohama
  4. Mr. Matador: Betsy in Florence
  5. Mr. Swan: Soldier in Petrograd Castle
  6. Mr. Chef: Box Game in Wine Cellar
  7. Mr. Sax: Stage 4 of Initiate Solomon Trial
  8. Mr. Samurai: Man in bar in Cannes
  9. Mr. Pro Wrestler: Wrestling Quiz in Nihonbashi


  • Cornelia lived until at least her teenage years as the clothes that Karin is wearing throughout the game used to belong to her.
  • Since Gepetto is Alice‘s Uncle, this makes Alice and Cornelia cousins.