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Carla is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Shes lives in Florence where she runs a business. She is Lucia‘s employer.
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In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

When Carla was young, she was a beautiful exotic dancer. However, life did not turn out the way she wanted, and she began to turn to drink. As her life was turning for the worse, Sapientes Gladio invited her to join them. When they began tormenting and killing people, it became too much for Carla and she fled, although they chased her for years.

Carla eventually found Lucia, an orphan, and raised her as her own on Manmariana Island. Eventually they stopped living there and moved to Florence where Carla opened an exotic dancing and fortune telling parlour. When Sapientes Gladio get close to her, she takes them Manmariana Island and feeds them to Andre, a cat that she once found that has grown into a giant.

Yuri asks her for some help, but Carla refuses based on his lack of money and suspicion that he may be from Sapientes Gladio. She says that she might help him if Karin would perform a sexy dance at her club, but that idea is rejected. Instead, she instructs Yuri to fetch a certain flower from Manmariana Island and instructs Lucia to accompany them.

When Lucia returns with Yuri and the party still intact, Carla believes that they are friends and rewards them with a little information about Sapientes Gladio’s location as an apology. Carla speaks with Lucia about allowed her to join them as a member of their team and she feels it is time for Lucia to take up the mantle of defence against Sapientes Gladio.

Library Description

Once a Florentine beauty, she fell on hard times and her looks deserted her. She raised Lucia from a child and now runs a fortunetelling business.


  • Carla is the female version of “Charles”
  • Carla is type AB blood. In Japanese culture this signifies a person who is rational and intelligent but may be two-faced.