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Blanca is a playable character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is a wolf who joins Yuri after he helps defend his home town of Domremy.
Blanca Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Blanca 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Blanca Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
WeaponDog Accessories
Special AbilityManifestations
Voice ActorShuichi Ikeda (JP)

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Blanca is a wolf that became friendly with the people of Domremy, especially Jeanne. He helped protect the town from the advances of the German Army and is aided by Yuri and Gepetto.

When Yuri is stabbed with the Holy Mistletoe by Nicolai, Blanca flees Domremy along with Yuri, Gepetto and Karin in order to take refuge in Paris.

In Paris, Blanca meets Ernest and his wolf, Tetsu. Ernest challenges Blanca to a Wolf Bout – a one on one against Tetsu. Blanca wins, even son Tetsu has been training, because Tetsu is younger and weaker than Blanca. Ernest gives Blanca a stamp card in which to record all his victories.

Blanca travels with the party to Le Havre where he briefly joins the Vigilante brigade in order to raise money to continue to travel. The task of the vigilantes is to capture Grand Papillon. It turns out that he is not a villain, but a man named Joachim Valentine who is trying to protect the tavern from the Mayor who si trying to overthrow it for his personal gain. Blanca and the party join with Joachim, as two children he was friends with were kidnapped and taken to Wine Cellar.

Blanca continues to travel with the party to rescue Roger Bacon from St. Marguerite Island. When a wolf steals the Waterway Key from Yuri, Blanca travels to the forest nearby where the wolves live to retrieve it. Later, the party gets paralysed by gas, and Blanca runs away unaffected. He runs back to the forest to find another way through the fortress but is stopped by Philippe, the alpha wolf of the island. Blanca defeats Philippe, and the wolves acknowledge him as their new alpha and show him the way through the forest. Before leaving, Philippe asks Blanca if he knows a wolf called Lobo as he was rescued by a him as a pup and Blanca resembles him. Blanca explains that he never knew his parents.

Blanca continues through the fort to try to rescue his friends, and must do so by sneaking past the guards and defeating Oscar who is guarding their cells. Blanca manages to free the party and continues to help rescue Roger.

Library Description

Raised by Jeanne, this white wolf of Domremy protects the village along with Yuri. His intelligence and cool-headed thinking make him a highly reliable ally.

Blanca’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Blanca uses Dog Accessories to attack enemies with. Here are a list of Blanca’s Dog Accessories:

Tusk Brush911580290Paris, Le Havre
Glass Paper1921870435Paris, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Florence
Whetstone30321300650Southampton, Rhonda Mine, Wales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite
Whetstone Plus43451960980Wales, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Steel Rasp596129401470Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Sharp Rasp798144002200Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Silver Rasp10410666103305Yokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Purgatory
Adamantine Rasp13513799104955Imperial Capital, Purgatory, Inugami Village
Lion’s Polish172174148607430Inugami Village
Dog Bone185186N/AIDKIDK
Beast Medal197199N/AIDKCreated by Ernest after decades of animal research. A powerful tool that allows the user total control over animals.IDK

Blanca’s Equipment

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Blanca has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

Cloak of Rags810540270Blanca, JoachimParis, Le Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines
Leather Cloak1917840420Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery
Wool Coat1719900450Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, AnastasiaLe Havre, Southampton, Rhondda Mines, Florence, Nemeton Monastery
Silk Shawl26301260630Karin, Blanca, Lucia, AnastasiaWales, Florence, Nemeton Monastery, Cannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd
Desert Cloak42381890945Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimCannes, St. Marguerite, Petrograd, Goreme Valley, Forest of Wind
Plastron565230401520Yuri, Karin, Blanca, JoachimGoreme Valley, Gallery of the Dead, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Blue Cape505828401420A cape dyed with the indigo petals of the aizenka. A favourite of female adventurers, it cloaks the body and offers steadfast protection from injury.Karin, Blanca, Lucia, Anastasia, GepettoGoreme Valley, Petrograd, Idar Flamme, Forest of Wind
Baptism Stole697545602280Blanca, Gepetto, AnastasiaPetrograd, Idar Flamme, Yokohama, Otherworld
Dandy’s Kimono999068303415Yuri, Blanca, Gepetto, Joachim, KurandoYokohama, Otherworld, Imperial Capital, Forest of Wind
Ascetic’s Stole120125102505125Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, AnastasiaImperial Capital, Forest of Wind, Inugami Village
Power Suit156155N/AIDKAllInugami Village
Ninja Gi160151153807690Multipurpose clothes derived from secret ninja arts handed down since the Heian period. Only ninja may wear them. The soft material can absorb blows.Yuri, Karin, Blanca, Joachim, KurandoInugami Village
Fountain Robe150161143507175Karin, Blanca, Gepetto, Lucia, Anastasia
Charm Pouch166170N/AIDKBlanca

Unique Accessory: Blanca’s Unique accessory is the Colourful Comb, which allows his turns to come sooner in battle.

Blanca’s Special Ability

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant Blanca’s special ability is Manifestations, which he gains by taking part in Wolf Bouts.

Red CometWind Class. Special Damage. Single. 12 Hits.
Full MoonRecovers Ring and Status Abnormalities for all allies.
ComebackRestores all HP to an unconscious ally.
AuroraRestores all HP to all allies.

Wolf Bout Locations

  1. Testu: Paris, next to Ernest
  2. Kelly: Wine Cellar, boss fight arena
  3. Jerome: Florence Streets
  4. Henri: SG Italian Branch HQ, boss fight room.
  5. Philippe: St. Marguerite Island, Forest.
  6. R-3: Petrograd, Alleyway
  7. Necros: Gallery of the Dead, in cage
  8. Eleanor: Imperial Capital, park
  9. Matsunaga: Inugami Village, waterfall cave
  10. Lobo: Immortal Mountain, take path going Section 1 (Blue) -> Section 5 (Red) -> Section 6 (Yellow) -> Section 7.
  11. Domremy: In Forest
  12. Carben: Battleship Mikasa, in cubby hole.
  13. Henri (Again): Tiffagues Castle: South-East of dungeon
  14. Lobos: Forest of Wind leading to village


  • Blanca is possibly a Grey Wolf, which used to be found commonly in France.
  • Blanca is a name meaning “white”