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Zhuzhen Li

Zhuzhen is a playable character in Shadow Hearts who is first encountered in Zhaoyang Village. His first name is able to be chosen by the player. He is known as “Master Zhuzhen” and is an adept for hire who specialises in exoricisms and taoist magic. When he is not travelling with the main party, he keeps the company of his business partner and acupuncatrist Meiyuan. His Japanese name is transliterated as Ryu Syushin.

Zhuzhen Li Official Art Shadow Hearts

Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Zhuzhen Li 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Zhuzhen Li Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Special AbilityYin and Yang
Voice ActorScott Rayow (English)

Sanada Kenichiro (Japanese)

In Shadow Hearts

Before Shadow Hearts, Zhuzhen worked with Colonel Hyuga to prevent Dehuai from completing the Valorization – as Zhuzhen had trained alongside Dehuai, so had some knowledge on the topic.

In his youth, Zhuzhen and Dehuai both trained as Adpets under Master Xifa. Dehuai took an interest in Black Magic, where Zhuzhen specialised in Exorcist Arts.

It is revealed that Zhuzhen met Col. Hyuga in Shanghai 15 years before the beginning of the game – when Dehuai was first trying to invoke the Valorization. Zhuzhen had refused to work with Dehuai, and after being tortured, was persued by Wugui and his men. Zhuzhen was then rescued by Col. Hyuga and Mr. Zhen. They then them up to prevent the Valorization.

In the final confrontation with Dehuai, although Zhuzhen had helped Col. Hyuga for most of operation – Zhuzhen knows that the final battle with Dehuai would result in death for all members involved. Because of this he holds back, and blames himself for Col. Hyuga’s death.

When he meets Yuri and Alice for the first time, he is working as an “adept-for-hire”, coming to perform exorcism on Zhaoyang village. Zhuzhen is quite knowledgable about what can cause a curse as well as how to remove one. He also correctly deduces both Yuri and Alice’s special abilities – even so they are both rare.

Zhuzhen re-appears in Dalian having been summoned by Sea Mother to remove the curse of Li Li. After putting Li Li’s soul to rest, Zhuzhen agrees to travel to Shanghai with the party as he has much knowledge of Dehuai.

While in Shanghai, Zhuzhen goes to meet up with Mr. Zhen, and also meets Mr. Zhen’s daughter Qiuhua who refers to him as “Uncle Zhuzhen”. He then finds out that Mr. Zhen’s bar has been taken over by Wugui, and is challenged to a duel which he then loses. Much like the incident in Shanghai 15 years prior, Zhuzhen is rescued by Yuri.

Zhuzhen travels with the party to Wuhan Temple Ruins where he studied Taoist arts under Master Xifa. Zhuzhen is able to unlock the seal on the door to the trials that lead to Xifa and after much protesting to Xiaofang that he has already done the trials, takes them again with Yuri. While waiting for Alice and Margarete to finish their trials, Zhuzhen tells Yuri a little more about his father – Zhuzhen feels that Yuri is very similar to Col. Hyuga.

When the party is in pursuit of Dehuai at Kuihai Tower, Zhuzhen is shocked to discover that Dehuai is going to attempt to summon the Seraphic Radiance. He tells him that he is ashamed to be his brother, and vows to kill Dehuai himself. Once Dehuai is defeated and the Seraphic Radiance has been summoned, Zhuzhen tries to prevent Yuri from fusing with it.

After the events of Kuihai Tower, Zhuzhen travels to Europe with Alice and Margarete. He and Alice make money while working together as exorcists for hire. After travelling for 5 months, Zhuzhen and Alice stay in Prague when Margarete continues to travel to France.

Both Zhuzhen and Alice believe that Yuri is still alive, however Zhuzhen believes that he may have been absorbed into the Seraphic Radiance.

A month after coming to Prague, Zhuzhen and Alice are approached by Terry – a shopkeeper from the nearby village of Bistritz. He is looking to utilise their exorcist services as Bistritz has become over-run with monsters. Zhuzhen and Alice agree to go, but want to wait until Margarete returns to Prague.

That night, Terry is killed by a monster that followed him form Bistritz – Zhuzhen and Alice decide that they should leave without waiting. Before leaving they spot an Old Woman who did not appear phased by the monsters. Zhuzhen declares that he senses a large evil within her.

In Bistritz, Zhuzhen and Alice speak to Michelle and Nina – Terry’s wife and daughter, to inform them that their husband and father was killed by monsters.

In the general store where Terry & Michelle worked, Zhuzhen and Alice are greeted by the mayor of Bistritz, Kevin. He warns them about the monsters and the fact they appear when the fog turns red.

Disregarding Kevin’s advice, Zhuzhen and Alice speak to the inhabitants of Bistritz about the recent goings on. Zhuzhen finds out from Michelle that the trouble started about a month ago, and at the same time, the lights began turning on in the supposedly abandoned Blue Castle – which belonged to the old Lord of the town. They also find out that many of the townspeople have heard rumours about Kevin searching for gold.

Zhuzhen and Alice decide to investigate Blue Castle. The whole time they are in Blue Castle, Alice feels as if they are being followed. When they reach the throne room, the presence reveals itself to be Keith Valentine – a vampire Lord who only recently awakened after a sleep of 300 years. Zhuzhen asks Keith if he is the cause of the monsters in Bistritz, but Keith denies it. Because Keith is the Lord of Bistritz, he decides to come with Zhuzhen and Alice to find the true cause of the monsters in Bistritz – on agreement with Zhuzhen that he will not drink their blood.

Back in Bistritz, the party return to the general store and find that Michelle has been kidnapped. Nina tells them that her father and Kevin had worked on some experiments together, and during their research, Kevin had discovered how to summon monsters. The party then go to the Mayor’s House to rescue Michelle. Kevin transforms into a monster and they are forced to kill him.

After returning Michelle home, Keith requests that Zhuzhen and Alice help him exorcise a demon that has lodged in the tower of his castle. Zhuzhen and Alice agree. They find that the demon is in fact Yuri, who due to having tried to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance has lost his mind. They fight him, and Alice is able to help him come to his senses.

Zhuzhen suggests that they return to Prague – Keith asks if he can come with them as he is bored. The party agree and Keith joins on a permanent basis. Zhuzhen travels back to Prague in search of Margarete – the party learn that she has moved on to Rouen. Zhuzhen and the party follow her there, where Zhuzhen shares a room with Yuri and Keith.

As Yuri and Alice explore Rouen, Zhuzhen senses a large evil approach Rouen. Alice and Yuri return to the inn with Margarete in tow. They explain that they were attacked by Roger Bacon and Arcane Olga. Margarete then tells them what she has learned about Bacon. Alice says that when her father was killed, they were hoping to meet someone, but she doesn’t know who.

Zhuzhen travels with the party to meet Father Doyle who was the person that introduced Father Elliot to the mysterious person they were due to meet. He reveals that it was one Cardinal Albert Simon and he is now in London.

Zhuzhen travels with the party to London and waits in the hotel with Keith while the others try to find out more about Cardinal Simon. Zhuzhen gives his money to Margerete for safe-keeping, only to have it stolen by Joshua.

Eventually Zhuzhen takes a liking to Halley and helps him whenever His Mother is kidnapped. Halley falls into a slump and is angry at how Yuri is treating him during this time. Zhuzhen takes the time to tell Halley a little of Yuri’s past so he can understand his feelings better.

Zhuzhen travels with Yuri until the very end – he follows him to The Float to finally defeat Albert Simon who has summoned Meta-God to destroy earth.

After Meta-God is defeated, Zhuzhen parts from the party and returns to China, to help rebuild after the events at Kuihai tower.

Book of Rituals

With Zhuzhen’s help, the party is able to find the Book of Rituals which Alice’s father had been looking for. It is hidden in a compartment in James‘s grave in Nemeton Monastery.

To find this the player must bring Zhuzhen and Alice to the top of Nemeton Monastery after the Float has been raised.

Zhuzhen’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts, Zhuzhen uses staves both to attack enemies and to cast spells with. Here are a list of Zhuzhen’s Staves:

Weapon LevelStaffLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1Oak StaffStarting StaffStaff made from the limb of an ancient oak. It raises a magic wielder’s abilties and is a necessary step on the way to becoming an Adept in the Taoist arts.580290
2Hexagonal StaffDalian, Smuggler’s BoatMetal Rod. Heavy and Destructive, it is perfect for the adventuring clergyman. The accumulated experience of many a Holy Man lies within the staff itself.1100550
3Pilgrim’s StaffShanghaiStaff carved from a sacred tree. Given its light weight and strength it is an ideal weapon for older adventurers.27001350
4Hermit’s StaffIDKStaff of the hermit who explored the wild regions of the continent. Its scarlet colour is said to be the hermit’s own blood. A valuable and powerful weapon.59802990
5Oracle StaffRouen, LondonThis staff can only be held by the most dedicated of Oracles. It is said to bring calamity upon those unworthy to wield it. Tremendous attack power.86004300
6Four Gods StaffNemeton MonasteryStaff blessed by the spirit of Mitama. In the hands of a master, the staff itself is said to become sentient. Very few can tap into its true power.159707985

Zhuzhen’s Equipment

In Shadow Hearts, Zhuzhen has some unique equiptment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

Zhuzhen’s Yin and Yang

In Shadow Hearts Zhuzhen’s special abilities are his Yin and Yang magic which he learns via level up. Here is a list of Zhuzhen’s Yin and Yang spells.

Yin and YangLevel LearnedEffectMP CostLibrary Description
Ogre FlamedanceStartFire Damage to all Enemies15Damages all enemies by hurling fire balls
Scirocco BlastStartAdds Fire Element to one party member’s physical attacks8Adds fire class to the target’s physical attacks
Nourishing Potion12Mild Healing and Paralysis Healing35Restores Target’s HP and Cures Paralysis
Life Sucker17Dark damage to single enemy – may induce silence.30Attack with Life-Draining Darkness: Plus Silence
Corpse Arm23
Fury Serpent31
Thunder Roar39


Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts Zhaoyang Village

Zhuzhen as he first appears in Zhaoyang

Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts Name Screen

Naming Zhuzhen

Zhuzhen Shadow Hearts Battle

Zhuzhen using Ogre Flamedance

Zhuzhen Shadow Hearts Battle

Zhuzhen winning a battle

Zhuzhen Dalian Shadow Hearts

Zhuzhen suggests they pursue Dehuai

Zhuzhen Shadow Hearts Smuggler's Boat

Zhuzhen shouting at Yuri

Zhuzhen Shadow Hearts Smuggler's Boat

Zhuzhen about to summon Li Li

Zhuzhen Li Battle Shadow Hearts

Zhuzhen up close

Zhuzhen Shadow Hearts Cutscene

Zhuzhen when Yuri attempts to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance

Shadow Hearts Party Cutscene

When Albert Simon summons the float

Zhuzhen Li Shadow Hearts Ending

Zhuzhen returns to China


  • Zhuzhen is the name of the emperor of China in the late 9th/early 10th century
  • Li is a fairly common Chinese name which means “Powerful”
  • Zhuzhen’s Japanese name surname “Ryu” means “Dragon” in Japanese.
  • Zhuzhen’s official art depicts him with a Great Pheasant. This is the national bird of Japan. It Japanese culture, pheasents represent the sun
  • Like many characters in Shadow Hearts, the extend of Zhuzhen’s abilities are not made clear. He he very knowledgable about black magic and taoist arts, and is particularly talented at summoning demons and souls from other dimensions, however none of these are in-battle abilities.
  • Zhuzhen has to be in your party for the final battle against Dehuai
  • Zhuzhen says “I’m ashamed to have a brother who’s twice strayed from the right path” with regards to Dehuai. It is unclear whether he means they are brothers by blood, or brothers through taoist teachings.
  • When fighting Dehuai, Dehuai uses the same incantation as Zhuzhen when using magic.