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Zhongyun Zhen

Zhongyun Zhen – usually known as just “Mr. Zhen” – is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He opposed Dehuai along with Col. Hyuga and Zhuzhen 15 years before the start of the game. Mr. Zhen is Qiuhua‘s father.

Zhongyun Zhen Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Zhongyun Zhen 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Zhongyun Zhen Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Zhongyun Zhen Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Wind

In Shadow Hearts

A long time before the start of the game, Mr. Zhen was in dying in Tongliao (near the Mongolian border) and was rescued by Col. Hyuga. Together they opened a shop in Shanghai, which their used as their base of operations against Dehuai.

15 Years before the beginning of Shadow Hearts, they come across Zhuzhen who is being persued by Wugui for refusing to co-operate with Dehuai. Col. Hyuga defeats Wugui and they bring Zhuzhen back to Mr. Zhen’s shop to heal him.

Together, the three of them decide to stop Dehuai from carrying out the Valorization. This eventually leads to Dehuai’s plans being put to an end and Col. Hyuga’s death.

Between the original stopping of the Valorization and the beginning of the game, Mr. Zhen’s shop is overthrown by Wugui and his men, as Dehuai is coming back to power and anyone who opposes him has their business taken over. Mr. Zhen has to resort to begging and Qiuhua’s Chinese Fiddle Playing skills for income.

Mr. Zhen is first encountered by the party when they reach Shanghai. Zhuzhen decides he wants to pay Mr. Zhen a visit, but is upset to see at the current state of affairs in the bar.

With Yuri‘s help, Wugui is defeated for the time being and Mr. Zhen is able to work at the bar again – this time holding Pit Fights.

When Alice has been kidnapped by Dehuai, Mr. Zhen is the one to tell the party that they need the Ywang Gate key to access Kuihai Tower.

After the events of Kuihai Tower, Mr. Zhen and Qiuhua are paid a visits by Sgt. Kato who has come to them that Lt. Col. Kawashima has been killed by other members of the Japanese Army. Kato is planning on going back to Japan with her ashes.

Library Description

A hero who fought against Dehuai 15 years ago in Shanghai. He still remembers his old colleague, Colonel Hyuga. His health has declined since he gave up his bar.