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Lt. Col. Yoshiko Kawashima

Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima is a secondary antagonist for the first half of Shadow Hearts as she is a part of the Japanese Army that is trying to capture Alice.. Alongside Sergeant Kato she tries to kidnap Alice to prevent her from falling into Dehuai‘s hands.

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Yoshiko Kawashima Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Yoshiko Kawashima Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Wind
Voice ActorVeronica Taylor

In Shadow Hearts

Yoshiko Kawashima is the daughter of a Japanese Official who appears in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Kawashima plays a large role in the first half of Shadow Hearts. She is first seen examining the results of the battle between Yuri and Albert Simon on the Trans-Siberian Express. She has been put in charge of retrieving Alice.

Kawashima and Kato follow the party, and meet up with them in Dalian being disguised as smugglers. They offer the party transport to Shanghai on the Smuggler’s Boat, with the intent of turning them over to the Japanese officials. However, due to the events on the Smuggler’s Boat, they allow the party to escape.

Later in Shanghai, Kawashima and Kato meet up with Lt. Suketani to report that the party is in Shanghai, and that they will lure them to Wuhan. Lt. Suketani at this point informs Kawashima that she is under observation by other members of the Japanese Army.

Since the party is still under the impression that she is a Smuggler Boss, she is able to tell them that the Japanese Army and Dehuai are going to the Temple Ruins at Wuhan.

At the Temple Ruins, Kawashima and Kato meet with Suketani, and she gives permission to send men in after the party since the Temple is crumbling around them.

Later in Shanghai, Kawashima reveals to the party that Kato and herself are part of the Japanese army. However, unlike the rest of the Japanese Army who want to overtake Shanghai by force, they want to overthrow Dehuai. Kawashima offers that they join forces, but the party decline. In spite of that, she asks Kato to retrieve the Yawang Gate Key for them as this is the only way into Kuihai Tower.

She is later told by Major Kutsugi that he has taken over Shanghai. He also tells her that her father has adopted a new daughter. As Major Kutsugi orders his men to shoot her, the party arrive in time to save her. She thanks them, and they leave for Kuihai tower.

When the party storms Kuihai Tower, Kawashima and Kato follow and bear witness to the Seraphic Radiance destroying Shanghai. It causes an Earthquake throughout Shanghai and she never sees Yuri’s party again.

A year later, Shanghai is rebuilding and the Japanese Army sill have control over Shanghai. Kawashima is overseeing the Japanese rule of Shanghai, but knows she will soon be replaced. She asks Kato why he has not yet returned to Japan – as he has been asked to do so several times. He states that he is interested in the dark magics that Dehuai released. She knows that he has stayed to protect her. He admits he and confesses his love for her.

As they are talking, she tells him that she is jealous of how Yuri and his company lived – without taking orders from anyone. Kato states that everyone should be able to do whatever they please. He says that his purpose is to follow Kawashima. They are interrupted by some members of the Japanese Army who say that Kawashima has been summoned back to HQ in Tokyo. She goes downstairs to speak with them some more, but it was a trap and they shoot her.

As Kawashima is dying, Kato runs downstairs to try and help her. He tells her that he will find help, but she knows that it is too late. She is held by Kato as she dies.

Library Description

Called a star and the hero of the continent. She will do anything to achieve her goal. An expert marksman.