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Master Xifa is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He is a Master of Taoist arts and was a mentor to both Zhuzhen and Dehuai.

Xifa Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Xifa 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Xifa Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Xifa Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Water

In Shadow Hearts

Master Xifa is the protector and guardian of Wuhan. He taught both Zhuzhen and Dehuai to become Taoist adepts. Before the start of the game he accepted the task of guarding the White Tiger God from Col. Hyuga.

The party first meet Master Xifa after the trials in Wuhan, where is has stayed for the past 15 years with only Xiaofang for company.

Xifa believes that the White Tiger God is in no danger from Dehuai – as his enchantments should be strong enough to keep him out. However, Dehuai is able to take over Xiaofang’s body and cause an earthquake in the temple. Xifa uses the last of his strength to teleport Zhuzhen, Yuri and Margarete to safety.

Library Description

The grand master of Taoist Arts said to travel on clouds and walk the depth of the ocean. He has gone into hiding in an underground temple, but the story has not been confirmed.