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Xiaofang is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He is the guardian of Wuhan Temple Ruins – a cat turned into a boy by Master Xifa.

Xiaofang Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Xiaofang 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Xiaofang Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Xiaofang Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Earth

In Shadow Hearts

Xiaofang is first met when the party descend into Wuhan Temple’s underground section. He has previously met Zhuzhen who compliments Xiaofang telling him that his speech has improved. Xiaofang’s role is to make sure the party undertake the trials before reaching Xifa.

Once the trials are complete, Xifa sends Xiaofang to fetch the White Tiger votive portrait – as he is doing this, Xiaofang’s body is possessed by Dehuai. This allows Dehuai to enter Wuhan and kills Xiaofang.

Library Description

A cat transformed into human with Xifa’s Taoist Magic. He is learning language and customs under Xifa. His street-wise personality hints at his stray-cat past.