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Wugui (Also known as “Wugui of Kowloon“) is an antagonist in the first half of Shadow Hearts. He is under the employ of Dehuai. He in encountered as a boss several times throughout the game. He is immune to all magics, and known for using “Game of Death” in battle.

Wugui Official Art Shadow Hearts

Wugui Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Wugui 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Wugui Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Wugui Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Wugui Alternate Icon Shadow Hearts

Wugui’s alternate icon


In Shadow Hearts

Before the beginning of Shadow Hearts, Wugui and his underlings are chasing down Zhuzhen through Shanghai as he has escaped from being tortured for not agreeing to work with Dehuai. Wugui is confronted by Col. Hyuga and escapes to report back to Dehuai.

Between this happening and the beginning of the game, Wugui takes control of Mr Zhen‘s bar.

Before Dehuai re-employs him for the main course of the game, Wugui was working on making puppets of the parlimentary officials in Hong Kong.

Once the game starts, Wugui is first seen speaking with Dehuai, being summoned to help capture Alice.

Wugui is first encountered by the party in the bar in Shanghai, where he is the new master and he has Qiuhua under his employ. Wugui defeats Zhuzhen by using his Game of Death, but is not able to defeat Yuri through the same methods. He is amazed to meet another Harmonixer, 15 years after meeting with Col. Hyuga.

Defeated, him and his men leave the bar.

Later, Wugui appears in Wuhan Temple Ruins having been sent by Dehuai to block the exit as the temple is collapsing. He transforms into Yamaraja: War and does battle with the party who defeat him. He is then rescued by Albert Simon.

Since then, Albert Simon uses Wugui’s body as a vessel for his experiments and turns Wugui into a living puppet. Wugui is made to fight the party once more and then dies afterward.

In Battle

Wugui is fought 5 times in Shadow Hearts (one being optional).

Known Attacks

  • Game of Death – Instant Death
  • Dark Messenger – Dark Type Damage

Battle 1

The first time you battle Wugui, you will be playing as Col. Hyuga – his stats are very high, and it should be easy to win. In Col. Hyuga transforms into Czernobog his stats are given a further boost as well as protection from Dark Messenger. Physical attacks are the only thing that will damage Wugui.



Soul Drop


Battle 2

The second time you battle Wugui it in is the bar in Shanghai. You can only use Zhuzhen, and the battle is unwinnable. However, Zhuzhen must die from Wugui’s “Game of Death” ability. It is enough to play defensivley and wait for Wugui to execute this skill.

Battle 3

The third battle is just after the second, and the player is using Yuri rather than Zhuzhen. Yuri should transform into Death Emperor for the continued protection against Dark Messenger and higher stats. Physical attacks are the only thing that will work against Wugui.



Soul Drop


Battle 4

In this battle he takes the form of Yamaraja: War

Battle 5

The final battle takes place in Kowloon Fortress. The player will be controlling Yuri, Zhuzhen and Margerete. All characters shoudl equip Leonardo’s Bears to prevent Instant Death from Game of Death (which will be the first move Wugui uses). Yuri should transform into Death Emperor for the continued protection against Dark Messenger and higher stats. Physical attacks are the only thing that will work against Wugui, so Margarete and Zhuzhen should support in using them – but Zhuzhen should also be a healer.



Soul Drop


Library Description

Former employee of Zhen’s bar. He gained demonic powers by joining forces with Dehuai. He now uses that power to his own end by committing crimes all over the continent.


  • Wugui is the only character in Shadow Hearts whose portrait changes – this happens when he under the control of Albert Simon.
  • Wugui’s abilities include his famous “Game of Death” – which instantly kills the enemy, and getting healed by all magic attacks. It is unclear where he learned or gained these abilities.
  • “Game of Death” may be a reference to the Bruce Lee film of the same name.
  • Wugui is also able to stretch his limbs in combat.
  • Wugui’s official art depicts him with many small squirrels. They represent resourcefulness in popular culture.
  • Wugui is a Chinese name that means Turtle
  • There is also a species of fish which in Japanese are named Wugui


Wugui Dehuai Shadow Hearts

Wugui Speaking with Dehuai

Zhuzhen Wugui Shadow Hearts Shanghai

Zhuzhen meets Wugui again

Wugui Battle Shadow Hearts

Wugui in Battle

Wugui Game of Death

Wugui using Game of Death

Wugui Game of Death Shadow Hearts

Wugui finishing Game of Death

Wugui Stretching Shadow Hearts

Wugui’s Arms stretching during a physical attack

Wugui Kowloon Fortress Shadow Hearts

Wugui after Albert Simon has been conducting experiments on him