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Viscount Rausan

Viscount Rausan is a minor antagonist in Shadow Hearts. He is the current leader of the Friar Knights of the Inquisition and also known as “The Last True Leader of the Temple Knights”.

Viscount Rausan Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Viscount Rausan 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Viscount Rausan Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Viscount Rausan Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Rausan Boss Shadow Hearts

Rausan after transforming

Affinity Fire
Location Calios Mental Hospital

In Shadow Hearts

Viscount Rausan is the leader of antagonist group – The Friar Knights of the Inquisition. He joined forces with Albert Simon, helped him hold Koudelka captive at Calios Mental Hospital. He seeks to learn more about Alice and her powers.

Viscount Rausan orders his men to set up a trap to lure the party to Calios, where he lies in wait. Eventually Halley and Yuri arrive with the intent of freeing Koudelka. Rausan tries to stop them by transforming into a monster, however he is defeated and dies.

Library Description

A Friar Knight inquisitor who belongs to the Order of the Temple Knights. He is called the Last Great General, and loves to torture people.

Boss Fight

Rausan is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts once Viscount Rausan has transformed. He now appears as a pregnant woman wearing a medical gown, with a second head where the feet should be.

Library Description

Viscount Rausan’s mind realized into form by magic. It’s a pregnant woman filled with hate. Inside its belly is evil that reeks.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Boss Battle

For this battle you must use Yuri, Halley and one other character.

Note: Halley will disappear from the party after this battle so there is no opportunity for him to switch equipment for the upcoming battle with Olga. He should also be equipped with Shell Bracelet if he does not have a cosmic bracelet as Olga is able to use Poison.

Rausan will use Silence in this battle – equip your party with Bell Bracelets or Cosmic Bracelets to prevent this from affecting their magic skills. If you do not have any, make sure you are stocked up on Faerie’s Sigh.

Rausan will use Elder Sign to boost his already high Special Defense – it is easier to defeat him using physical skills. This will also mean that there is less of a problem if he uses silence on your characters.

Rausan will use Blaze, an all-party fire type move.

If Margarete is in the party she should use Water Edge on Yuri and Halley and focus on dealing physical damage. Yuri should transform into Ifrit to take as little damage from Blaze as possible. He may want to use Ignition to increase part members’ attack further. He should focus on using physical attacks. Halley should focus on healing by using Healing. When Halley does not need to heal somebody he can deal physical damage.

If Alice is in the party, Alice should be the primary Healer by using Cure and Halley the secondary healer using Healing as necessary. Alice should use Gospel on all party members if she has spare turns. After this she should focus on dealing magical damage with Blessed Light. Because Halley’s MP will be spared by having to heal less frequently, he can use Aqua Blade or Physical Attacks to damage Rausan. Yuri should still transform into Ifrit for the best defense against Rausan’s attacks.

If Zhuzhen is in the party he should be the primary healer by using Nourishing Potion and Halley the secondary healer by using Healing. Zhuzhen should focus on magical attacks – using Fury Serpent where he has a chance. The strategy for Halley and Yuri is similar to that if Alice was in the party.

If Keith is in the party he should focus on dealing physical damage to Rausan and using Blood Sucker to heal himself. The strategy for Halley and Yuri is the same as if Margarete was in the party.

Origin and trivia

The name ‘Rausan’ may come from the European name ‘Rauzan’. Rauzan is also the name of a small town in South-Western France.

  • Rausan also appears as a pit fight monster summoned by Sharon in the London Pit Fights.