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Terry is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He is the owner of the item shop in Bistritz, husband to Michelle and father to Nina. He approaches Alice and Zhuzhen to utilise their exorcist skills when Bistritz has become over-run with monsters.

Terry Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Terry 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Terry Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Terry Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Earth

In Shadow Hearts

Terry grew up in Bistritz where he married Michelle and together they had a daughter – Nina. At some stage in his life, Terry had a friend who moved to America. This friend wrote to him frequently and sometimes sent him and his family gifts.

Although Terry ran the item shop in Bistritz, he was approached by the mayor Kevin to help with his research – this was an opportunity for Terry to make more money.

It is never clear how involved with Kevin’s research Terry actually was – but he was privy to more than most of the other villagers, and seemed to keep it a secret from his family. The research Terry was assisting Kevin in was at first to find gold – as the town of Bistritz was quite poor. This lead them to discover a rumour that Blue Castle was filled with treasure, but it was guarded by a vampire. So Kevin’s research turned towards vampires. In the process, they learned how to summon monsters.

However, the monsters began to attack Bistritz and Terry took it into his own hands to stop them. Many of the villagers feared they may be coming from Blue Castle which had recently been lit up after hundreds of years of being abandoned.

Terry then received a letter from his friend in America, encouraging his to bring his family to America, as he could be given a job. Terry then lost interest in Kevin’s research and started making preparations to move to America.

Terry had heard news of some exorcists in Prague that may be able to help. Terry then travels alone to Prague to meet Alice and Zhuzhen. He contracts them to investigate both Bistritz and Blue Castle.

On the night that he contracts Alice and Zhuzhen, Terry explores Prague and is attacked by some monsters that followed him from Bistritz. As a result, he dies.

Library Description

Item shop owner of Bistritz. He visits Prague to hire two renouned exorcists to run the demons out of his village. He is a loving husband and father.