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Sharon is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. She is the youngest member of The London Rats. She has the ability to summon monsters to battle.

Sharon Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Sharon 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Sharon Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Sharon Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Light

In Shadow Hearts

Sharon is the youngest member of the London Rats, a gang of orphans comprised of herself, Halley, Chris and Joshua (who she has a crush on). It is unknown whether Sharon was abandoned as a child or whether her parents are dead.

Sharon lives with the other members of the London Rats in an abandoned house in London. She meets Yuri, Alice and Margarete when they comes looking for a wallet that was stolen by Joshua. Halley then leads them to the orphanage, and when they return they are followed by a man in black who kidnaps Sharon, Joshua and Chris and taken to the orphanage.

Sharon is put in a room with Joshua, separate from Chris. However, she is soon rescued by Halley and Yuri and able to get back to the hideout unharmed. When the others return, she tells Yuri that she has very vivid dreams and gets headaches because of them. This leads her to become aware of her powers – the ability to summon monsters. She is able to do this for Pit Fights once Halley returns from Calios Mental Hospital with the help of Knowledgeable Carl who built a room specifically for her to practice.

Library Description

Joshua’s “girlfriend”. The youngest member of the London Rats. She remains optimistic even after her parents abandoned her. She wants Joshua to marry her.