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Sea Mother

Sea Mother is a character encountered in Dalian whose real name is never revealed. She helps the party rid the town of Li Li and her curse.

Sea Mother Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Sea Mother 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Sea Mother Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Sea Mother Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Games Shadow Hearts
Affinity Water
Voice ActorKayzie Rogers

In Shadow Hearts

Sea Mother appears to be the resident spiritualist healer of Dalian, although this is never confirmed. She summoned Zhuzhen to help her undo Li Li’s curse upon Dalian.

Sea Mother is first encountered at the Inn, praying for a man called Yen Yen who then dies from Li Li’s curse. It is the Sea Mother who tells the story of Li Li to the party. The part she played in Li Li’s story is somewhat significant – she tried to help get Li Li’s voice back, as well as giving her the dagger to kill her father with.

When the party leave Dalian via the Smuggler’s Boat, Sea Mother hides herself in the hold as she suspects Li Li will follow them. Being correct, she starts chanting to send Li Li away. Her ultimate goal here is to send Li Li’s spirit away from earth and to Nirvana.

After the party battle Li Li (once she is transformed by Dehuai) Sea Mother has become to weak from chanting to live, and dies on the Smuggler’s Boat.

Library Description

She performs rites to ward off evil in a small fishing village in Dalian. She tries to proect the village people from a young girl’s curse. She used to be a beautiful woman.

Origin & Trivia

The name “Sea Mother” doesn’t appear to have any direct ties to legend, however there is a Greenlandic legend of the “Mother of the Sea” who lived at the bottom of the ocean. She is however, most likely called that by the people of Dalian as she looks after the people of Dalian (a port town) like a mother would


Sea Mother Shadow Hearts

Sea Mother praying

Sea Mother Alice Shadow Hearts

Sea Mother attending to Alice’s curse

Sea Mother Shadow Hearts

Sea Mother discovered on the Smuggler’s Boat

Sea Mother Death Shadow Hearts

Sea Mother’s Death