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Qiuhua Zhen

Qiuhua is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. She is Mr. Zhen‘s daughter, and considers Zhuzhen an Uncle. She works in Shanghai, playing the Chinese Fiddle.

Qiuhua Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Qiuhua 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Qiuhua Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Qiuhua Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Light

In Shadow Hearts

Before the beginning of the game, Qiuhua was given Anne’s Cross by Col. Hyuga because she reminds him of his son, Yuri. She then gives the Cross back to Yuri when he visits Shanghai.

Qiuhua first appears when Zhuzhen visits Zhen’s old shop in Shanghai. She is playing the Chinese Fiddle, and goes to talk with Zhuzhen afterwards. She reveals that she now works for Wugui.

When Wugui and Zhuzhen begin to fight, it is Qiuhua who goes to find Yuri in order to help him.

Later, a year after the events of Kuihai Tower, Sgt. Kato pays a visit to Qiuhua and her father. He is extremely upset and having a hard time speaking. He tells them that the Japanese Army came to send Lt. Col. Kawashima back to Japan. But it was a farce – they took her downstairs and shot her. Kato asks Qiuhua where Yuri and his party are, as he feels he should tell them. Qiuhua doesn’t know, but last heard that Zhuzhen was in Rouen and agrees to send a letter.

Qiuhua writes a letter to Zhuzhen, and encloses within it a coat that she made for him – the coat of the adept. This is then delivered to Meiyuan where he awaits Zhuzhen in Rouen.

Library Description

Zhen’s daughter and a master of the Chinese fiddle. Her father’s past conflict with Dehuai haunts her to this day. She met Colonel Hyuga and the quack oracle when she was young.