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Puppy is a character briefly encountered in Fengtian in Shadow Hearts. It appears to be a Shiba Inu puppy. It is nicknamed “Tiny” by Alice. However it soon comes to light that the puppy is really being controlled by Dehuai. Once this is revealed, the puppy transforms into Beast Dog and attacks the party.

Puppy Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Puppy 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Puppy Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Puppy Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Games Shadow Hearts
Location Fengtian
Affinity Fire

In Shadow Hearts

Puppy is first met by Yuri once he wakes up in Fengtian. Alice takes a liking to Puppy and plays with him. Puppy runs off and it later found by Yuri and Alice in the sewers. He follows them to the airfield, where he begins to speak with Dehuai’s voice – revealing that Dehuai has been controlling him the entire time. To try and prevent them from escaping, Puppy transforms into Beast Dog, but is defeated.

Library Description

A stray dog in Fengtian. Friendly and looks very smart. A mixed breed. He follows the main characters around, which is cute but somehow peculiar.

Origin & Trivia

  • Puppy appears to be a Shiba Inu, a dog native to Japan