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Nina is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. She is the daughter of Michelle and Terry.

Nina Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Nina Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Nina Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Nina 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Wind

In Shadow Hearts

Nina was born and raised in Bistritz. She occasionally helps her parents out in the item shop. She receives gifts and correspondence from her father’s friend who lives in America. Before the game begins he sends he a sack of wheat seeds.

Nina saw Yuri (as Death Emperor) fly towards Blue Castle. She decided to explore and discover what was happening – and was attacked by wolves, but saved by Keith Valentine who helped her to get home. Since then she has been revoking any rumours there may be regarding the Valentine Family and the monsters that have recently begun to attack the town. Michelle tells her to stop telling stories or the locals will believe she is a vampire.

During Shadow Hearts, Zhuzhen and Alice bring news of her father’s death. Nina tells them a little of the town and the family’s plans to move to America, as well was the fact there is now a master in Blue Castle.

When Alice and Zhuzhen leave to investigate Blue Castle, the mayor of Bistritz – Kevin – comes to the Item Shop and tries to take Nina’s sack of wheat seeds, as he believes them to be gold dust. She refuses, and he attacks her, knocking her out.

When she comes to, he has disappeared, and taken her mother as hostage in exchange for the sack. However, Alice, Zhuzhen and Keith defeat him and rescue Michelle. Michelle offers the sack to Alice as a reward, but Alice declines, allowing Nina and Michelle to plant the seeds in Bistritz together.

If Yuri goes back to speak to Nina after the Float has been raised, she will tell him about the seeds she planted. The seeds began to grow into a plant, but their roots got tangled around a large rock which she digs up. She gives the large rock to Yuri – this is the Earth Gravestone.

Library Description

Terry and Michelle’s Daughter. An honest young girl who tries to accept her father’s death and protect her mother. She punches out men who attempt to date her mother.