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Michelle is a minor character in Shadow Hearts who is married to Terry and the mother of Nina.

Michelle Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Michelle 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Michelle Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Michelle Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Water

In Shadow Hearts

Michelle grew up in Bistritz, and has lived there her whole life. At some point she married Terry, moved to live with him and help him work at the Item Shop and together they had Nina.

Michelle and Terry had made plans to moved to America together with Nina – as Terry’s friend said he would be able to find him work in America. However, close to the time they were going to move, Bistritz had become overrun with monsters. Terry went away to Prague to find some exorcists to help destroy the monsters.

When the exorcists (Alice and Zhuzhen) arrive, they inform Michelle that Terry has been killed by monsters. When they suggest that the monsters may be coming from Blue Castle, Michelle explains that the Castle has been deserted for 300 years.

When Zhuzhen and Alice leave to investigate, the Mayor of Bistritz – Kevin – comes into the item shop and proceeds to harass Michelle and Nina. He is after something of Nina’s, but Michelle encourages him to leave. At this point, Kevin explains that Terry had been helping him research vampires and that they were the cause of the monster attacks on the town. Michelle is shocked, but now knows that Terry was determined to stop the monsters where Kevin was controlling them. Kevin attacks Nina and kidnaps Michelle, bringing her to his house as a hostage in exchange for the item of Nina’s that he wants.

Soon, Michelle is rescued by Zhuzhen, Alice and Keith who kill Kevin and return Bistritz to normal.

Michelle and Nina are allowed to live happily in Bistritz, using the wheat seeds of Nina’s (which Kevin mistook for gold dust) to help grow crops in the town.

Library Description

Terry’s beautiful and loving wife. She has spent her entire life in Bistritz, and has never been outside.