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Meiyuan is a minor character in Shadow Hearts; a travelling acupuncturist and Zhuzhen‘s business partner. He serves to power up the party’s weapons as well as widen hit area on the Judgment Ring. He also serves as the point where Yuri can switch party members.

Meiyuan Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Meiyuan 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Meiyuan Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Meiyuan Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Light

In Shadow Hearts

Meiyuan is first encountered as “Traveller Meiyuan” in Zhaoyang Village. He is not important to the plot, but for a price he will perform acupuncture on a character. This allows them to either power up their weapon (which in turn reduces the hit area) or increase the hit area of the Judgment Ring.

Meiyuan seems to travel to all the locations that Zhuzhen visits, although never into any dangerous areas.

Meiyuan also delivers communications between Yuri and other characters – if Yuri speaks to Meiyuan in Rouen after The Float has been raised he will deliver a letter and a package from Qiuhua.

Library Description

An expert acupuncturist. He raises weapon proficiency. Strange, but her is the master of this field. He likes good-looking men.