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Margarete Gertrude Zelle

Margarete is a playable character in Shadow Hearts. She is first encountered in Fengtian. Margarete is an American spy who is working against the Japanese Army – she goes by the code name “Malkovitch”. She also makes a brief appearance in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Margarete Gertrude Zelle Official Art Shadow Hearts

Margarete Gertrude Zelle Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Margarete Gertrude Zelle 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Margarete Gertrude Zelle Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Margarete Gertrude Zelle Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Special AbilitySecret Weapons
Voice ActorAddie Blaustein

In Shadow Hearts

Margarete is a spy hired by the American army. Margarete is first encountered in Fengtian where she is planning to blow up the trainline in order to delay The Japanese Army. She also sets off a bomb in Fengtian just as Yuri and Alice are coming out of the pub. They are then persued my members of the Japanese Army.

Margarete escapes into the Sewers of Fengtian, where she falls and injures herself. She is found by Alice and Yuri, and agrees to escape Fengtian with them. Margarete figures out how to escape the sewers, but once they do they are confronted by more Japanese soliders and attacked by a Puppy that was being possessed by Dehuai.

After defeating Dehuai in this form, Margarete is able to find a small plane to pilot – hoping to get to Shanghai.

During the plane flight, the engine catches fire and Margarete is forced to crash land in Dalian. When the party leave on the Smuggler’s Boat, Yuri finds Margarete writing in a book and becomes suspicious of her – up until now she had been saying that she was a government official when in fact she is a spy with a personal vendetta against Lt. Col. Kawashima.

Margarete’s original plan after meeting Yuri and Alice was to take them back to the American army, so they could use their powers in the upcoming war. However, after travelling with Yuri for a while, she grows fond of him, realising that he has pain of his own and only wants to make sure Alice is safe. Margarete abandons her original plan and works helping Yuri instead.

At Kuihai Tower, when Yuri attempts to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, Margarete begs him not to.

After the events in Asia, Margarete goes to Europe in search of Roger Bacon, bringing with her Alice and Zhuzhen.

Margarete travels with Alice and Zhuzhen more most of their European journey, but she occasionally travels by herself if she has a new lead on Bacon. This happens while the party is staying in Prague.

During Margarete’s travels she learns a little about Roger Bacon. She learns that he is an immortal that has been alive since the 1200s and that he was a Friar that was interested in science – particularly medicine and chemsitry. He became a well known alchemist around Europe and a bit of a revolutionary – particularly revolting against the church. However in Nuremberg in 1540 he was trialled for witchcraft and then exiled.

While Alice and Zhuzhen investigate Bistritz, Margarete is travelling alone. She returns to Prague to leave a message to say that she will be travelling to Rouen. Margarete travels to Rouen alone, and checks into the inn – she decides to investigate a little about why Roger Bacon was in Rouen on the night Father Elliot was murdered.

Margerete’s first place of investigation is the church, however Father Doyle has locked himself inside and is accepting no visitors.

Soon after arriving in Rouen, Roger Bacon and Arcane Olga appear to warn Yuri and Alice that they are being watched. Yuri soon becomes aggravated and pushes for a battle. However instead of attacking directly, Olga summons some demons to battle them instead. Seeing that Yuri and Alice are in trouble, Margarete fights alongside them once more.

After the battle, Bacon and Olga disappear and Margarete inspects Yuri to make sure he is really alive – she is relieved to find out that he is. Together they return to the inn where Margarete is reunited with Zhuzhen and introduced to Keith (who she finds quite handsome).

Margarete tells the party what she has learned about Bacon, and Alice reveals that when her and her father were in Rouen before they were due to meet up with someone but Bacon killed Father Elliot and kidnapped Alice before they could meet with them. Margarete suggests that they learn who Father Elliot was so keen to meet – she has learned that Father Doyle was the one to introduce the two, so they go to the church to find out.

When the party break into the church, Father Doyle believes that they have come to kill him. Once he has calmed down he explains that Father Elliot was hoping to meet Cardinal Albert Simon. As he is telling his story, Olga appears and strikes Father Doyle with lightning. With his dying breath he tells the party that Cardinal Simon is in London. Margarete then continues to travel with the rest of the party to London.

When in London, Margarete prevents Joshua from being kidnapped. However, when she is checking to see if he is okay , Joshua steals her wallet. Margarete then goes on a mission to get her wallet back. Upon finding the London Rats‘ hideout, Joshua gives her a Crucifix as a way of apology.

Margarete accompanies Yuri, Alice and Halley to Cardinal Simon’s mansion which is revealed to now be an orphanage run by Jack. Margarete pretends that she is a journalist doing a report on “Orphans and the War” and begins to ask Jack questions. He does not approve and suggests that they leave.

A little while later, Albert Simon raises The Float and Margarete is able to witness the beacon to summon Meta-God to earth light.

After this, she goes back to Rouen with Yuri and brings him to a confessional within the cathedral. She begins her confession to him – that she planned to use his and Alice’s powers for herself, but that she eventually gave up on that. Margarete tells him that she would like to continue travelling with him once everything is over. However she knows that he will probably prefer to travel with Alice. She thanks him for listening and pushes her Pearl Ring through to him.

Margarete travels with Yuri until the end, in order to defeat Albert Simon and the Meta God. After it has been defeated, Margarete returns to her house in Paris, looking to finally relax – but she knows a new mission will not be far behind.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Margarete’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts, Margarete uses a variety of firearms to deal damage with.

Weapon LevelFirearmLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1Mini-MauserStarting FirearmEasy to carry, semi-automatic pistol. Not very powerful or accurate but a good weapon in the right hands.n/a340
2Type 94 PistolFengtian, Dalian, Smuggler’s Boat8 millimeter radius, 8-shot automatic. Extremely well balanced and easy to use, but must be used with caution due to its light trigger. Also causes confusion.1300650
3Nanbu PistolTemple RuinsAutomatic handgun with unique rounded trigger guard. Improved version of the Type 94 with small recoil and very high accuracy.29001450
4ZeruelAfter RouenThe most perfectly balanced of all 9mm portable machineguns. Extremely reliable with a low malfunction rate.n/a3010
5DrazeOrphanageThis machinegun, manufactured by a well-respected gun maker is unrivalled in terms of its lightweight design. Very expensive but well worth the price.n/a3010
612 GaugeNemeton MonasterySawed off 13 Gauge Riot Gun with unsurpassed stopping power. Its intimidating appearance and powerful report strike fear into enemies158007900
7Mauser PrototypeNemeton MonasteryRapid Firing, Machinegun prototype. Uses 9mm parabellum bullets. Its unique wooden stock can be fixed to the ground as a base. Heavy but incredibly powerful.n/a14400
810 GaugeIDKIDKn/a23060

Margarete’s Equipment

In Shadow Hearts, Margarete has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

    Margarete’s Secret Weapons

    In Shadow Hearts Margarete uses her mobile phone to get help from the US government. Here is a list of her Secret Weapons which she learns via level-up:

    Secret WeaponLevel LearnedEffectMP CostLibrary Description
    GrenadeStartPhysical Damage to All Enemies20Hand Grenade Damges All Enemies
    Aqua EdgeStartAdds Water Element to one party member’s physical attacks8Adds Water class to the target’s physical attacks
    Scout13Shows Enemy HP & Class1Examines the target’s class and HP
    Snipe19Damage to one target. Instant Death if perfect.38Hits the Enemy’s Vital point with a sniper rifle.
    Pain Killer22Cures any abnormality except unconscious or berserk.20Cures target’s status except unconscious, berserk.
    On Switch30Normal damage to one target60Drops something hard on the target’s head
    Bazooka38Water damage to all enemies95Damages all enemies with liquid nitrogen

    Shadow Hearts Party Cutscene

    When Albert Simon summons the float

    Margarete Shadow Hearts

    Margarete’s First appearance in Fengtian

    Margarete Yuri Shadow Hearts

    Margarete meets Yuri for the first time

    Margarete Yuri Alice Shadow Hearts Sewers

    Yuri and Alice meet Margarete in the Fengtian sewers

    Margarete Gertrude Zella Name Shadow Hearts

    Margarete’s Name Screen

    Margarete Grenade Secret Weapon Shadow Hearts

    Margarete using her Grenade Secret Weapon

    Margarete winning battle Shadow Hearts

    Margarete winning a battle

    Margarete Attacking Shadow Hearts

    Margarete Attacking

    Margarete using On Switch Shadow Hearts

    Margarete’s “On Switch”

    Margarete Shadow Hearts Ending

    Margarete relaxing in Paris


  • Margarete is loosely based on Dutch spy/exotic dancer Mata Hari (whose real name was Margaretha Geertruida “M’greet” Zelle McLeod). Mata Hari was supposedly a double-agent in the First World War for the French and the Germans
  • In spite of this, Margarete is portrayed as being American
  • Margarete’s age is never given. However, Mata Hari was born in 1876. Since Shadow Hearts is set in 1913 we can assume that Margarete is around 36/37.
  • In her official art, Margarete is holding a peacock. In Buddhist symbolism the peacock represents compassion and kind-heartedness. However, in Western lore, Peacocks are associated with pride.
  • When Margarete attacks, you can briefly see her underwear