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London Rats

The London Rats are a street gang made up of orphaned children who live in an abandoned house in London. They are led by Halley.

Current Members of the London Rats

There are currently only four members of the London Rats:

  • Halley – the Leader
  • Chris – The second oldest and second in command.
  • Joshua – The second youngest and a good thief.
  • Sharon – The youngest, able to summon monsters.
  • In Shadow Hearts

    It is unclear when the London Rats where established, or if Halley is the first leader, and of Chris, Joshua and Sharon were the only other members. It is possible that there were other members of the London Rats in the past – as the current incarnation of the London Rats is aware that there were other orphans who were taken to the Orphanage and never came back.

    The London Rats are all orphaned children – either their parents are dead, missing or they were abandoned. They grouped together so that they could survive on the streets on London. By law, all orphans should be taken to the orphanage – but no children ever come back from the orphanage. The London Rats live in an abandoned house. Many of the locals know that they live there but do not give them up because they feel sorry for them.

    The London Rats stay alive by doing occasional work for the local businesses such as the hotel and the inn. However they still resort to stealing food and money, though many turn a blind eye to this.

    The party first encounter the London Rats when Joshua is about to be abducted by a man in black. He is rescued by Yuri, Alice and Margarete. Margarete checks that Joshua is okay and he steals her wallet without her noticing. Chris then appears and leads Joshua home after thanking the party for saving him.

    Joshua shows Chris and Sharon the wallet he stole, and they use some of the money to buy food. However, not long after, Margarete appears having realised that Joshua stole her wallet. The children apologise to her, giving the wallet back and explaining the situation they’re in. Halley then arrives, thanks the party for saving Joshua and offers to help them. They need information about Cardinal Albert Simon. Halley takes them to meet Old Carl who might have information.

    Old Carl is able to direct the party to where Cardinal Simon’s old manor is now the orphanage that the London Rats are so averse to. When Halley returns to London, he is followed by the man in black who tried to kidnap Joshua. This time he manages to kidnap Chris, Joshua and Sharon and take them to the orphanage. Halley becomes angry and returns to the orphange in a bid to free them.

    Chris is separated from Joshua and Sharon and put under hypnosis by Jack who wants to use her body as a vessel for his dead mother’s soul. Joshua and Sharon are kept in a room by themselves, but are eventually freed by Halley and Yuri.

    Halley later goes to Calios Mental Hospital to rescue Koudelka. Failing this he returns to London, low in spirits, and this is distressing to Chris. While this has been happening, Sharon has been working with Knowledgeable Carl who is building a room so she can safely summon monsters.

    Halley however, agrees to travel with Yuri to solve the mystery of his mother’s disappearance.

    Origin & Trivia

    • The London Rats are probably a reference of Fagin’s gang of child thieves (lead by the Artful Dodger) in Oliver Twist