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Li Li

Li Li Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Li Li 3D Render

Li Li Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Li Li Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Dark
Boss Form
Li li shadow hearts

Li Li’s boss form

Games Shadow Hearts
LocationDalian, Smuggler’s Boat

Li Li is a character who appears as an antagonist in Shadow Hearts. The party first encounter her in Dalian, which she has been haunting since her death. She is then fought as a boss on the Smuggler’s Boat

In Shadow Hearts

Li Li was a young girl whose father was a fisherman, and one night there was a terrible storm out at sea. Li Li prayed to the Blue Dragon God to save his life. Her father’s ship returned, but in exchange, Li Li had lost her voice and gained her father’s voice. He now spoke with the voice of his daughter, and she spoke with the voice of an old fisherman. Because of that, he refused to speak.

One day a performing troupe came to town and Li Li fell in love with one of the actors. The Sea Mother had tried to get Li Li’s voice back, but it hadn’t worked. The only thing left to do was for Li Li to kill her father. This would enable her to get her voice back.

So she asked the Sea Mother for the sharpest dagger she had – in order to kill her father with the least amount of pain. Every night she would go to her father’s room and put the dagger to his throat, but Li Li could not summon the courage to kill him. Little did she know that her father was always awake, ready to die.

The day came when .the travelling troupe went to leave. Li Li’s father went to fish for a fish that only appeared on the night of the new moon, as a gift to give Li Li and her lover if they left. But fate had it so that he boat was wrecked and he did not come back. So Li Li had lost her father and her voice forever, as she failed to kill him.

In the night she cried like a beast distraught from her loss. In the night, her father’s body made it back to shore. Once Li Li saw her father back from the dead, he wanted her to kill him and take back her voice.
She couldn’t bear to, so she returned the dagger to sea mother. Instead she took her father’s corpse and walked into the sea, taking her own life.

But Li Li’s soul could not rest. She had been forced to come back from the dead by Dehuai as a part of his plan to induce the Valorization. She came back as a ghost, and haunted Dalian, laying a curse on the people of the town. When she curses them, they die on the following sunset.

Once Dalian is rid of Yamaraja, Li Li causes disruption to the Smuggler’s boat that is taking Yuri and his party to Shanghai. A great fog closes in and the boat can only move in circles. She curses everyone on the boat to suffer and die.

The Sea Mother, who is also on the Smuggler’s Boat, begins chanting in an effort to send Li Li to the after life. With the help of Zhuzhen they both summon Li Li and confront her in battle. However Dehuai appears and transforms her into a powerful monster.

Li Li is defeated by Yuri’s party, and her soul is finally put to rest.

Stats (Normal)


Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Boss Battle (Normal)

Li Li can use Paralysis. For this reason it is necessary to equip your party with Rosewood Bracelets. These can be bought at the shop in the cabin.

She is a Dark type enemy, so Alice‘s Blessed Light should be used as a main form of attack. She should also make sure to use Cure when HP gets low.

Since Li Li is better protected against Yuri‘s Dark abilities, have him transform into any fusion and attack physically. Raging Tiger would be recommended as he gets a good Attack and Defense bonus, as well as having Moon Howl to heal with.

Margarete can be used to heal when necessary, but her turns should mostly involve attacking.

Alice can also use Holy Edge on either Margerete or Yuri to further boost their attack, however it would be better for her to keep her MP for using Blessed Light and Cure.

Library Description

A girl from Dalian who lost her father in a tragic accident and was forced to lead a cursed life. She took her own life out of scorn for the village and the ocean god.

Li Li (Boss)

This is the appearence of Li Li after she transforms into a Boss Monster. She appears as a woman’s head and torso (albeit with purple skin) and squid-like tentacles for arms and a lower half comprised of more tentacles with suckers. She appears to have a large shell on her back. She also appears in this form in the Shanghai Pit Fights.

Library Description

Li Li’s vengeance that grew stronger with Dehuai’s power. She lashes out her anger on all living things using dark powers from the other side.

Stats (Transformed)


Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Boss Battle (Transformed)

In this form, Li Li can use Hate Storm as well as Paralysis. Due to this, Alice will be most at risk and should be concentrate on using Cure, and attacking with Blessed Light when the party doesn’t need curing.

To protect him against Hate Storm, Yuri should transform into Death Emperor and physically attack Li Li. If Alice has a free turn, she should use it to use Holy Edge on Yuri.

Margarete should continue using physical attacks and providing a secondary source of healing.

Pit Fight

If you encounter Li Li’s boss form in the Pit Fights, it should be enough to use physical attacks. However, if you are using Alice, use Blessed Light. Zhuzhen should use magic attacks (not Life Sucker, as it’s a Dark attack) until his MP runs low, and then he can finish her off with physical attacks.