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Knowledgeable Carl

Knowledgeable Carl (often referred to as “Old Carl”) is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He lives in London beside the London Rats whom he is friendly with. He helps Sharon set up Pit Fights.

Games Shadow Hearts

Story Significance

Knowledgeable Carl lives in London, beside the London Rats’ Hideout. He sympathises with the London Rats and does not turn them in to the authorities. He is quite knowledgeable about the people in London, but untrusting of strangers. However he is able to direct Yuri to Albert Simon‘s house on the outskirts of London.

Later in the game, he speaks with Joshua and Sharon about some dreams that Sharon has been having. Sometimes she had dreams whereby a monster appears briefly afterwards. Knowledgeable Carl helps her build the room that she seems in her dreams and this enables her to safely summon monsters.

Origin & Trivia

  • Knowledgeable Carl fills the “Wise Old Man” archetype as there is not much more to his character than an old man who knows a lot of information