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Kevin is the mayor of Bistritz and a minor antagonist in Shadow Hearts.

Kevin Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Kevin Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Kevin Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Kevin 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Fire

In Shadow Hearts

Kevin became the mayor of Bistritz due to inheriting a lot of money. In recent years his money has been running out, and he began research into how to create gold. Bistritz is a poor town, with very little wealth to offer. He offers Terry the opportunity to help him carry out his research.

During their research, Kevin hears rumour that Blue Castle has a large hidden treasury. He thinks that it may be occupied by vampires, so his research turns to vampires. Part way through his research he discovers how to summon monsters. When he summons them, they attack the townsfolk – though he can control them.

Around this stage, Terry has received an offer to travel to America, and becomes disinterested in the research. Terry goes to Prague to find Alice and Zhuzhen, meanwhile Kevin is looking for a way to find gold and flee the town – lest his reputation be ruined.

When Alice and Zhuzhen come to Bistritz, they reveal that Terry has been killed. Kevin greets them, but secretly wishes that Terry hadn’t meddled with his plans to leave by summoning exorcists. Whilst Alice and Zhuzhen leave to investigate Blue Castle, Kevin takes an interest in a leather bag that belongs to Nina, thinking it contains gold dust. When Nina and Michelle resist him, he attacks Nina and kidnaps Michelle.

Soon, having Michelle in his house, Zhuzen, Alice and Keith track him down. Keith is the Lord of Blue Castle and of Bistritz and is appalled to see the Mayor of the town treat the townsfolk as Kevin has. Kevin uses the fruits of his research to transform into a monster and attack the party.

The party defeat Kevin, killing him.

Boss Fight

See Tindalos.

Library Description

He became the major of Bistritz with money. He performs strange experiments and stalks Terry’s wife, Michelle.

Origin and Trivia

  • Kevin’s obsession with Gold may be a reference to several “Gold Rushes” that happened in the late 1800s/early 1900s
  • The name Kevin means “kind, honest and handsome” – ironically, Mayor Kevin is none of these things