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Lt. Ken Suketani

Ken Suketani is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He is a member of the Japanese Army who aids Kawashima in her quest.

Ken Suketani Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Ken Suketani 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Ken Suketani Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Ken Suketani Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Light

In Shadow Hearts

Lt. Suketani is first encountered in Shanghai, at the Japanese embassy, where Lt. Col. Kawashima gives reports of Alice and Yuri‘s arrival. He learns that Kato is trustworthy, and speaks honestly in front of him.

Lt. Suketani is involved in the plot to stop Dehuai. He and Kawashima share information regarding the Valorization, and decide that the best course of action would be to go to Wuhan. He also tells Kawashima that she has become under surveillance by some of their higher ups. He arrives at the Temple Ruins with 20 men, and reinforces the message about the surveillance team to Kato.

Once Suketani comes back from Wuhan, he hides the Yawang Gate Key in the Smuggler’s Boat. He returns to the Japanese Army base in Shanghai, and is accosted by Major Kutsugi who has taken over the Japanese operations of Shanghai and is leading the investigation against Kawashima. Kutsugi accused Suketani of hiding information about Kawashima from him. Suketani denies it, but Kutsugi reveals that he knows that Suketani met up with Kawashima at Wuhan Temple Ruins. He asks Suketani to tell him of Kawashima’s whereabouts, and Suketani refuses. Katsugi leaves, ordering his men to shoot Suketani.

Before Suketani dies, Kato finds him in the office. Kato is about to call a medic, but Suketani knows there is no point. He tells Kato the location of the Yawang Gate Key and tells him to tell the party. Suketani then dies.

Library Description

A young lieutenant who admires Kawashima. He doesn’t look like a spy, but his in charge of investigating Dehuai. A straight-arrow solider.