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Keith Valentine

Keith is a playable character in Shadow Hearts. He is the middle of the Valentine Siblings – his older brother is Joachim Valentine and his younger sister is Hilda Valentine. He is first encountered in his home at Blue Castle. Keith is a vampire who joins the party because he is bored and would like to see where their journey takes them.

Keith Valentine Official Art Shadow Hearts

Keith Valentine Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Keith Valentine 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Keith Valentine Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Keith Valentine Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Special AbilityRituals
Voice ActorTed Lewis (English)
Kenji Nojima (Japanese)

In Shadow Hearts

Of the main cast of Shadow Hearts, Keith has the least impact on the plot – in fact, the only thing that he does that moves the plot forward is allow Alice and Zhuzhen to find Yuri more quickly.

Not much is known about Keith’s life before the beginning of Shadow Hearts. We do not know if he was always a vampire or if he was transformed into one. His vampiric abilities include becoming invisible and transforming into a bat. He does not have any of the weaknesses that vampires of legend possess – sunlight, garlic, crosses etc.

Keith lived at Blue Castle and was one of the Lords of Bistritz alongside his siblings Joachim and Hilda before the events of Shadow Hearts. 200-300 years before the events of Shadow Hearts, Keith took a long sleep in his coffin in the Basement of Blue Castle. It is not clear when the other two left or if indeed they were both asleep while Keith was.

Keith was awoken by the arrival of Yuri who had taken up residence in Blue Castle’s Tower. He found that Blue Castle had become overrun by monsters, and investigated the Tower. There he found Yuri who could transform into a monster – alone he was not strong enough to defeat him, so he locked him in the tower. On the same night as Yuri’s arrival, Keith witnessed Nina getting attacked by wolves in the forest nearby. He rescued her, returning her to her home in Bistritz.

A month later, Blue Castle was visited by Zhuzhen and Alice. Keith followed them around the castle while making himself invisible. After a point, he decides to reveal himself to them. They tell him that monsters have been invading Bistritz and ask if he is behind it. He tells them that he is not but would like to help them investigate as he is the Lord of Bistritz and owes it to the people to keep them safe.

Upon learning that Kevin has kidnapped Nina’s mother Michelle – Keith becomes angry and bend on destroying Kevin. Together with Zhuzhen and Alice, they destroy Kevin.

Having witnessed Zhuzhen and Alice’s ability in battle, Keith asks if they could perform an exorcism for him. He wishes to have Yuri exorcised from the tower. When he brings them to his tower, they both identify Yuri as their companion, although Yuri is out of his mind and does not recognise them. Together they battle him and he comes to his senses.

Keith asks the party if he can join them in their journey as he had become rather bored and finds their quest interesting. They agree and Keith joins the party.

For the most part, Keith follows the plot rather than leads it. He helps to find solutions to problems they may encounter and advice for characters who may need it, but for the most part is happy to follow Yuri on his journey.

Keith follows Yuri all the way to The Float to help him defeat Albert Simon and eventually Meta-God.

After Meta-God is defeated, Keith says his goodbyes to the party, returning to Blue Castle to sleep.

Golden Bat and Demon Sword Tyrving

After the Float has risen, Keith has the option to return to Bistritz to speak with Nina again. She tells him that she saw a golden light in the sky recently. Keith has an idea of what it might be and returns to Blue Castle to investigate. He goes down to the crypt to find a Golden Bat waiting. He explains to Yuri that this bat is his brother.

Golden Bat speaks to Keith, and tells him that he has a gift for him – Demon Sword Tyrving, a sword that has been passed down the Valentine family for generations. The sword must be wielded by the warrior of the Valentine family during the potential destruction of the world – and now that the Float has risen, Keith will act as the Valentine family’s warrior.

However, for him to wield Demon Sword Tyrving, he must best his brother in a duel. Golden Bat gives Keith five attempts to defeat him using Demon Sword Tyrving. If Keith wins, he gets to wield the sword, and if he fails, he is killed.

After defeating Golden Bat, Keith is delighted to receive his family’s magic demon sword. He tells Yuri that his boredom has finally been cured and he will happily follow him to the end of his adventure.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Keith’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts, Keith uses swords both to attack enemies and to perform rituals with. Here are a list of Keith’s swords:

Weapon LevelSwordLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1Antique RapierStarting SwordThis sword has been stained with the blood of many swordsmen. Its blade is a unique combination of flexibility and durability. It can cause instant death.n/a2300
2Royal EstocBistritzA long sword favoured by nobles for jousting. Its narrow tip was map for piercing armour. Somewhat heavy to be carried, it is a weapon to be feared in battle.62303115
3Silver Crescent SwordRouenCrescent Sword forged from blessed silver. Shorter than the other swords but its appearance has a tendancy to make enemies falter.83004150
5Executioner’s SwordNemeton MonasteryMassive sword used for beheading. Its blade is so sharp that is could easily slice a horse in two. Enormous strength is needed to wield it in battle.180309015
6Deathblade, JiruCalios Mental HospitalCursed after shedding the blood of countless witches, this razor-like blade gives off a ghostly essence and can cause Instant Death.n/a10010
8Demon Sword, TyrvingBlue CastleLegendary Demon Sword that can only be wielded by the highest ranking member of the Darkness Clan. It is rumored to have the power to even slay the Undead.n/a24300
  • The Antique Rapier has a 25% chance of inflicting instant death
  • Deathblade Jiru has a 100% chance of inflicting instant death
  • To obtain Keith’s Ultimate Weapon: Demon Sword Tyrving, Keith must defeat Golden Bat. After The Float has risen, return to Bistritz with Keith in your party and speak to Nina. Afterward, go to Blue Castle’s Crypt and approach Golden Bat.
  • Keith’s Equipment

    In Shadow Hearts, Keith has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

    Keith’s Rituals

    In Shadow Hearts Keith’s special abilities are his Rituals which he learns via level up. Here is a list of Keith’s Rituals:

    RitualLevel LearnedEffectMP CostLibrary Description
    Drain TouchStartDeals Dark damage to one enemy, heals Keith a little15Takes away a small amount of the target’s HP
    Earth EdgeStartAdds Earth Element to one party member’s physical attacks8Adds Earth class to the target’s physical attacks
    Bat DanceStartWind damage to all enemies33Calls pet bats to inflict damage on all enemies
    Blood SuckerStartDark damage to single enemy, heals Keith a lot54Sucks up a large amount of target’s HP
    Hecatoncheire31Earth Damage70The Giant Hecatoncheire causes a huge earthquake
    Apsaras37Damage to enemy, healing status effects to allies80Damages enemies and cures all Allies’ statuses
    Larva43Heavy Earth Damage with the chance of inflicting poison, paralysis and silence96Heavy Damage: Plus poison, paralysis and silence