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Major Kaoru Kutsugi

Major Kaoru Kutsugi is a minor antagonist in the first half of Shadow Hearts. He is a Japanese Army member who leads the investigation against Lt. Col. Kawashima.

Kaoru Kutsugi Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Kaoru Kutsugi 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Kaoru Kutsugi Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Kaoru Kutsugi Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Wind

In Shadow Hearts

Kutsugi first appears in Shanghai in a cutscene with Lt. Suketani after the party has returned from Wuhan. By this stage Kutsugi has taken over the Japanese Army’s Shanghai operation.

Kutsugi reveals that he has been monitoring Kawashima for a while and expected Suketani to report on her whereabouts – as she hasn’t been reporting back, and has often moved ahead without permission. Suketani has also not been reporting back, so Kutsugi has him killed as he continues to refuse to betray her.

Later, Kutsugi tracks Kawashima to the Cypress Hotel in Shanghai. He reveals to her that her father has adopted another daughter, and threatens to kill Kawashima, but is stopped by the party.

Library Description

An elite solider from the army‘s investigative division. He accuses Kawashima and Kato of revolting against the army and pursues them.