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Joshua is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He the second youngest member of the London Rats.

Joshua Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Joshua 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Joshua Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Joshua Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Water

In Shadow Hearts

Joshua lives in London and is a member of a gang of orphans called the London Rats along with Halley, Chris and Sharon. It is unknown whether his parents died or abandoned him or how long he has been living without them.

Joshua sometimes makes money by working errands for the hotel. However he is known to steal petty cash and food from them as well in order to stay alive.

When the party first encounter Joshua he is being pursued by a man in black who is trying to take him to an orphanage – as per the law. The party scare the man off, and Margarete checks to see if Joshua is okay – at which point he steals her wallet without her noticing. Soon, Chris arrives and takes Joshua home.

When back at the London hideout, Joshua shows Chris and Sharon the wallet he stole and they use some of the money to buy food. However, not long after, a furious Margarete arrives along with Yuri and Alice. Joshua confesses to stealing the wallet and gives it back to Margarete as well as a crucifix to apologise for spending some of the money.

When the party begin to ask questions about the London Rats, they explain that they do not want to go to the orphanage as none of the kids that are taken there even come back. The party explain that they are trying to find Cardinal Albert Simon and go with Halley to find out more information. While Halley is gone, the man in black comes back and takes Joshua, Chris and Sharon to the orphanage.

Joshua and Sharon are put in a room together and separated from Chris. However it is not long before Halley comes to rescue them – when they are released, Joshua gives a key he found to Yuri. Together with Sharon he returns to the London Rats’ hideout.

When the party return from rescuing Koudelka, Joshua gives Yuri the Oath Grail, which he stole from a church.

Library Description

A member of the London Rats. An expert pickpocket and a faster runner. He looks up to his leader and hopes to grow up like him.