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Jack is a minor antagonist in Shadow hearts. He runs the orphanage where he conducts experiments to try and bring his mother back to life. Not to be confused with Jack, a monster from Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Jack Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Jack 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Jack Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Jack Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Water
Age 38/39

In Shadow Hearts

Jack was born 5th March 1974 – making him 38/39 during Shadow Hearts.

Jack was a wealthy man who moved to London 4 years before the beginning of Shadow Hearts. He bought a mansion in the residential district, where he began to live with his mother.

When he moved to London, two things happened that would shape the rest of his life. He became a doctor, and his mother became very ill. He was unable to cure her, and she died not long after moving to London. At first he thought it was due to the change in climate, but then became convinced it was due to a curse on the mansion.

Not long after the death of his mother, he met a man calling himself Roger Bacon in London. This man gave him a book known as the EmigrĂ© Manuscript – a Greek text that held the secrets of bringing the dead back to life. Jack worked without sleep for days and nights trying to decipher the text.

Once the text was deciphered he realised that in order to bring his mother back to life he would need a vessel for her soul. He decided to turn his mansion into an Orphanage. Due to the laws in London – all orphans must be taken to an orphanage, so people did not notice when street children were being abducted and never seen again. At some stage he hired The Man in Black to help find more children for his experiments.

At some start before attempting the revival of his mother, he practised on animals and other human beings – including the orphans that came to his orphanage. It is likely that he committed other murders for the sake of his experiments.

Jack’s experiments seem to include the following: kill a large number to prepare for the ritual of bringing the dead back to life. Select a living “vessel” for the dead to come back in – this person must be kept healthy and well fed, especially on the night before the ritual. Once all the other have been killed, the next day, the vessel is put into a vat to be made ready to receive the soul of the dead person.

It seems that Jack spends a lot of time with the person due to become the vessel. He uses them as a confidant – telling them about his experiments, and the loss of his mother, sometimes crying. If they listen patiently, he rewards them with bread and soup.

For a time, Jack has been looking to capture the London Rats for the ritual to bring his mother back to life. He instructed the Man in Black to kidnap Joshua, but he is unsuccessful. Later, Jack is paid a visit by Yuri, Alice and Margarete who claim to be from the press, doing a story about “Orphans and the War”. Jack recognises them as the people who stopped the Man in Black from taking Joshua and refuses to talk with them.

When they return to London, Jack instructs the Man in Black to follow them to find the London Rats’ hideout. He is successful, and manages to kidnap Chris, Joshua and Sharon. Jack puts Joshua and Sharon in a room together and keeps Chris in the guest bedroom, having selected her to act as a vessel for his mother’s soul. He hypnotises her, in order to keep her from running away.

When Jack is about to conduct his experiment on Chris, he is stopped by Yuri and Halley who are able to prevent Chris from going into the vat that Jack has prepared. Angry, Jack attacks the party and is defeated.

As soon as the battle is over, the a reaction takes place within the incomplete experiment. Jack’s mother awakens as a a horrible monster, but she too is defeated by the party. With his last thoughts being of his mother, Jack dies.

Boss Fight

When fighting Jack, your party will be comprised of Yuri, Halley and either Alice or Margarete. Neither Alice nor Margarete give the party a particular advantage over Jack.

All party members should be equipped with Zodiac Bracelets. One is found in the Kids Room in the Orphanage and another can be found in Prague. A third can be found in Kowloon Fortress but the player cannot go back if they have already missed it.

If missing a zodiac bracelet, the third character can be equipped with a Rosewood Bracelet which prevent Paralysis – however they will not be protected from Petrification, which although not present in the fight against Jack will be used in the boss fight immediately after Jack. If someone must be without a Zodiac Bracelet it should be Halley as all other party members have the ability to heal petrification where he doesn’t. However it would be wise to carry some Imp’s Fangs or Soul Benedictions just in case.

Jack uses physical attacks in this fight. All of his attacks are one-on-one. He will use Paralysis frequently but this should not be an issue if the party has Zodiac or Rosewood bracelets equipped.

As Jack’s health is getting low he will begin to use Thera Seeds. Towards this stage, try to damage him as much as possible so that the damage being dealt outweighs the healing.

Because Jack’s affinity is water and his only water based move is rather weak, Yuri should fuse into Ifrit to use Blaze. He also has Warming which can be used to cure paralysis should it occur.

If the party includes Margarete, Halley should be used as the main healer and use Healing as necessary. If the party includes Alice, Halley can take on a more offensive role and attack Jack with his slingshot and save his MP for Healing and using Air Shot towards the end of the battle when Jack begins to heal.

If the party includes Margarete she should be used as an offensive character, using Pain Killer if anyone gets paralysed. She should mostly focus on physical attacks.

If the party includes Alice, she should focus on keeping Yuri and Halley healed by using Cure and Healing Wish should anyone become paralysed. If Jack’s attacks are doing a lot of damage Alice can cast Gospel to raise a character’s defense. If Alice has the opportunity to deal damage she should attack physically to conserve MP unless Jack is beginning to heal himself in which can she should use Blessed Light to deal a lot of damage to him.

Library Description

A young doctor with multiple personalities and an Oedipus complex. He has been experimenting on animals since his mother’s death. He is also a suspect in recent murders.

Origin and Trivia

  • The combination of the name “Jack” and Jack being a murderer living in London is probably a reference to the Jack the Ripper murders from the late 1800s. These murders happened in the same district that the London Rats live in. One of the most popular theories is that Jack the Ripper was a medical professional – possibly why Jack in Shadow Hearts is a Doctor.
  • Jack is referred to as having an “Oedipus” complex. Oedipus is a figure in Greek Myth who was famous for killing his father and marrying his mother. The term “Oedipus Complex” is the sexual desire for someone’s parent.
  • It is unknown why Jack has an eyepatch
  • According to the people of London, Jack is not a very good Doctor.