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Halley Brancket

Halley is a playable character in Shadow Hearts. He is the leader of the London Rats and the son of Koudelka. He has magical abilities.

Halley Brancket Official Art Shadow Hearts

Halley Brancket Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Halley Brancket 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Halley Brancket Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Halley Brancket Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Special AbilityESP
Voice ActorWayne Grayson (English)

Satoshi Hino (Japanese)

In Shadow Hearts

Halley is the son of Koudeka, a gypsy with special powers. Halley inherited some of her powers – he is able to use magic and move objects with his mind. His mother told him that they were just like other people but were given these powers to help others. Halley’s powers are difficult for him to control. When Halley was younger he was told of Koudelka’s previous exploits within Nemeton Monastery.

When Halley was 9 his mother was taken away to Calios Mental Institution by the Friar Knights of the Inquisition. Halley blames himself for the fact she got taken away.

Halley soon becomes the leader of The London Rats, a gang of street orphans living in London.

Halley first meets Yuri, Alice and Margarete when Margarete comes to the London Rats hideout in pursuit of Joshua who has stolen her wallet. Halley warns Margarete that she should have been more careful.

Nevertheless, Halley hears that the party rescued Joshua from being taken to the orphanage. He agrees to help them. They tell him that they’re looking for Cardinal Albert Simon’s mansion. Halley doesn’t know anything about it, but accompanies the party to meet Old Man Carl – a knowledgeable elderly neighbour who doesn’t usually meet with people he doesn’t know. Old Man Carl informs them that Cardinal Simon had a manor on the north side of town.

Halley accompanies Yuri, Alice and Margarete to the manor, only to discover that it is now the orphanage. He refuses to go inside while the others go to speak to the owner.

After returning to London, the party is followed by a man in black who works for the orphanage owner, Jack. He is able to find the London Rats’ hideout and kidnap Chris, Joshua and Sharon. When Halley discovers, he becomes very angry, causing the entire building to shake. He admits to the party that this is his power, and runs off to the orphanage (accompanied by Yuri) to rescue the other members of the London Rats.

At the orphanage, he is able to defeat the man that kidnapped the other children, and rescue Joshua and Sharon. However, Chris was kept in a separate room as she was due to be used in Jack’s experiment to revive his mother. Once again, this causes Halley to become angry, almost collapsing the building. It is not until he hears the voice of his mother that he is able to calm down. His mother, although she was taken away from him, is able to communicate by using Yuri as a conductor for her voice. She tells him not to let his anger control him, but instead to use it as best he can.

Halley helps Yuri defeat Jack and get Chris to safety. He then tells the party about how his mother is kept in a mental institution – he’s tried breaking in before and the security is very tight. Yuri agrees to go with Halley to rescue his mother.

When Halley arrives, he becomes very distressed as he can feel his mother’s spirit and is worried that she may be dead. This allows his powers to become out of control on several occasions. After exploring the Mental Hospital, he finds his mother locked in a dungeon. Although he does not have the key to get in he is able to crawl through a hole in the wall.

When he arrives in the dungeon he finds his mother in a straightjacket and unable to speak due to having been tortured. He tries to sooth her, but Albert Simon and Arcane Olga appear to try and take her away. Halley gets angry and his power manifests again. This interests Simon, so he begins to torture Halley with magic.

Koudelka cannot stand to see Halley tortured, so wiggles her way over to him – still bound – to try to save his life. Simon prevents her from reaching him and she offers herself instead of him. Koudelka leaves with Simon in exchange for Halley’s life. She urges Halley to go to Wales in search of the true Roger Bacon (whom Albert Simon has been impersonation). Olga remains after Simon leaves and attacks Halley and Yuri. Halley and Yuri overpower her, killing her.

Halley returns to London to discuss what to do next. However, back in London, Halley becomes withdrawn an depressed as he thought he had finally rescued his mother after 3 years of her being imprisoned. He blames himself once again and feels as though he is useless. Yuri and Alice come to find him, to tell him that is not what his mother would believe. Yuri believes he should spend some energy trying to find out why his mother was imprisoned in the first place and then maybe think about rescuing her again.

Halley, unhappy with how blunt Yuri is being, doesn’t see the advice as being useful. He is approached by Zhuzhen who explains that Yuri is only trying to help because Yuri lost both of his parents at the age Halley is now. Halley goes to apologise to Yuri, and ask if he can come with him to discover the cause of the plot behind his mother’s kidnapping. Yuri reluctantly agrees.

When Yuri and Alice plan to go to Wales, Halley explains that his mother told him about an incident at Nemeton Monastery that happened before he was born – that someone has previously tried to revive his wife from the dead, and only ended up creating monsters. Because of the similarity to what Jack was trying to do, Yuri insists on visiting Nemeton Monastery.

When visiting Nemeton Monastery, Yuri and Alice are able to rescue Koudelka from Albert Simon. She returns to London with Halley. It has been three years since they have spoken together, and Halley is happy to be back with his mother. She thanks him for his efforts and he sys that he does it for the other children, as he feels responsible for them. He asks her if he can continue to travel with Yuri until the world can be saved and she allows him – on one condition – that he must promise to come back. Koudelka explains that Halley looks a lot like his father, a man that always kept his promises. Halley becomes curious about his father and Koudelka explains that because of him, she was able to stay alive. He is currently in America. Halley promises to come back, and after which he can go to America with Koudelka and the London Rats and find his father.

Halley travels with Yuri to The Float in order to defeat Albert Simon and Meta-God. After Meta-God has been defeated, he travels to America with his mother to try and find his father.

Halley’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts, Halley uses slingshots to attack with.

Weapon LevelSlingshotLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1SlingshotStarting SlingshotPowerful slingshot which hurls steel balls with great force. Somewhat inaccurate it requires much training before it becomes truly effective.n/a2200
2Oak SlingshotLondonMade from Oak Wood, it hurls metal balls with incredible force. Also Causes Poisonn/a2250
3Laurel SlingshotCalios Mental HospitalMade from the wood of an ancient, holy laurel tree, it has power to cause Silence. It doesn’t look like much but it is a very powerful weapon in battlen/a2230
4Steel SlingshotNemeton MonasteryDue to its powerful pull, it requires great hand strength and causes tremendous damage even against enemies with strong defense. May cause paralysis.148007400
5Improved SlingshotLondonA slingshot was used to creat this twisted weapon. It causes great damage and even Petrification. It contains the tortured soul of a small child.n/a10000
6High Alloy SlingshotIDKThis super high alloy slingshot is as unique as it is powerful. Superbly engraved on it is the slogan “Sic Semper Tyrannis”.192009600
8Volt SnipeAncient RuinsA weapon invented by an alchemist called Skin of Teeth. Its shape and power are very unique. It strikes fear into enemies.n/a20410
  • The Oak Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting poison
  • The Laurel Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting silence
  • The Steel Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting paralysis
  • The Improved Slingshot has a 20% chance of inflicting petrify
  • “Sic Semper Tyrannis” which in engraved on the High Alloy Slingshotis Latin and means “Thus Always to Tyrants”
  • Halley’s Equipment

    In Shadow Hearts, Halley has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

    ArmourLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
    Punk JacketNemeton MonasteryA leather jacket typically worn by street punks. The sharp meta spikes express their young rage. Reinforced with steel plates. Perfect for fighting. Cuts wind damage in half.n/aIDK

    Halley’s ESP

    In Shadow Hearts Halley’s special abilities are called ESP which he learns via level up. Here is a list of Halley’s ESP skills:

    ESPLevel LearnedEffectMP CostLibrary Description
    HealingStartHeals an ally20Restores the target’s HP with the power of light
    Air EdgeStartAdds Wind Element to one party member’s physical attacks8Adds Wind class to the target’s physical attacks
    Strong EarthStartEarth damage to target, possible petrification40Earth damage on target: plus petrification
    Aqua BladeStartWater damage to one enemy. Possible poison.50Inflicts Water Damage on target: Plus poison
    Air ShotStartWind damage to one enemy. Possible confusion.60Inflicts Wind Damage on target: Plus confusion
    Black Hole36