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German Army

The German Army is an antagonist group in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appear in the Europe half of the game.

Notable Members

Other Members

Throughout Shadow Hearts: Covenant, several other members of the German Army are encountered. They are usua;y not directly important to the plot and often only encountered once. Here is a list of other members and where they are encountered.

  • Sgt. Robert, the Old Veteran – survivor of attack on Domremy
  • Johann – guarding entrance to Domremy
  • Newly-Promoted Fafhrd – Guarding entrance to Domremy
  • Samuel, the anxious medic – at Domremy bridge
  • Calm Hess – at Domremy well

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The German Army is engaged in over-throwing France. However, one town stands against them – the commune of Domremy. Domremy itself has no strategic value,l however its resistance is concerning to General Heimann. He has, several times, sent men to conquer it and they are constantly defeated by a demon that lives in Domremy. He enlists the help of Cardinal Nicolai Conrad who travels with Lt. Karin Koenig as his guide to Domremy. There, Nicolai subdues the demon, and the German Army are able to take the villagers prisoner.