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Fox Face

Fox Face is an important character in Shadow Hearts. He appears to fight Yuri in battle whenever his Malice meter is at maximum.

Fox Face Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Fox Face 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Fox Face Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Fox Face Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Dark

In Shadow Hearts

The player first encounters Fox Face as an intro to Yuri’s malice meter during the Plains level. It is suggested that Yuri has been seeing Fox Face for a while before the start of the game.

Due to no-one else being able to see him, and Yuri always being sent to the Graveyard after facing him, it is assumed that Fox Face is a figment of Yuri’s imagination, or Yuri’s way of coping with his inner demons. Yuri refers to Fox Face as “Father” – presuming him to represent his father.

Fox Face is seen tormenting Yuri by Alice after she finds Yuri in Blue Castle. Since trying to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, Yuri has been trapped in the deepest part of the Graveyard. Any time he has tried to seek help, Fox Face has appeared to torment him.

When Alice arrives, Yuri believes that Fox Face is his father and Alice is his mother. Fox Face speaks to Alice, explaining that Yuri seeks death – he wishes to escape the fate of the harmonixer and would rather die than risk endangering anyone any more. Fox Face sees Yuri as weak and stupid, and encourages him to give up and kill himself. Alice tries telling Fox Face that Yuri is brave and will make it through this because he is still alive. Fox Face then attacks Alice but Yuri tries to protect her. Alice tries speaking to Yuri, insisting that Fox Face is just a part of himself that he needs to accept.

Fox Face attacks Yuri again, but this time Yuri finds the strength to fight back. He fights and defeats Fox Face. The mask then falls from Fox face – revealing not the face of Yuri’s father, but the face of Yuri himself. Yuri comes to realise that Fox Face was just an embodiment of his own weakness, and learns to accept himself.

Since Fox Face no longer looms over Yuri and Alice has surrendered her soul to the Four Masks, Fox Face no longer pursues Yuri if he accrues Malice.

In Battle

Battle 1

Towards the beginning of the game, Yuri faces and unwinnable battle with Fox Face. Thereafter he will appear if Yuri has not cleared enough Malice. Yuri can run from these battles.

Known Attacks

  • !!!
  • Transformation into Death Emperor
  • Battle 2

    During the Graveyard segment after Alice fights Yuri in Blue Castle, Yuri must face Fox Face one last time in battle.

    Known Attacks

  • SP Lowering
  • !!!
  • If Yuri had low SP, it it best not to fuse but to fight as Yuri. SP Lowering will take out a considerable amount of Yuri’s SP and fusion would leave him susecptiable to going Berserk.

    Priority in this battle are as follows:

    – Keep Yuri’s HP healthy
    – Keep Yuri from going berserk
    – Leave Yuri with enough MP to heal

    If Yuri has managed to fuse with Heaven’s Fiend, this fusion is recommended. Otherwise, Raging Tiger or Man Dragon would be acceptable.

    If Fox Face uses !!!, Yuri’s HP will drop to 1HP. It is advised he heal using a healing spell, or the best healing items possible.

    If Yuri is using Heaven’s Fiend, use Exorcist Arrow to cause damage. Otherwise, using Yuri’s physical attacks and preserving MP for healing is advisable.

    If Yuri’s SP is about to run out (and he is not in danger of losing all HP) you must use a Pure item to avoid him going berserk.

    If Yuri is low on MP (but otherwise OK) the should use a Mana restoring item to make sure he can heal if Fox Face uses !!! again.

    Library Description

    A mysterious man who steps out of the world of nightmare into the real world. He appears when the Malice Meter peaks. He wears the coat of the Japanese Army.